5 Hot Celtics Wives

These 5 hot Celtics wives can be found in the limelight with their husbands. These wives stay dressed in the latest fashions and are never in public underdressed. The husbands of these hot women make sure their wives are given the best. Many Celtic wives are often put in the limelight whether intentional or by accident. The Celtics have been known for their great success and carries that success on and off of the court. The following list will introduce you to five hot Celtics wives that bring beauty to the red carpet.

  1. Julie Landrum is the wife of Paul Pierce and these two love birds have been married since July 17, 2010. This couple has been together since February 2006 and have one daughter together. Julie is a Celtic wife usually seen at Pierce's side. Although they're newlyweds, Julie is known to always be there for her husband no matter what.
  2. Fatima Wallace is the Celtic wife of Rasheed Wallace. This couple is not newlywed, but you can't tell by their actions. Fatima and Rasheed married in July 1998 and have been married for twelve years. They have four kids together and have adopted kids from previous relationships. Fatima speaks on the strong relationship that she and Rasheed have till this day and Rasheid speaks on the beauty he sees every time he looks at Fatima.
  3. Shannon Walker Williams is the wife of Ray Allen. Shannon and Ray were married in August 2009. Shannon attended the Northeastern University and has been seen in films such as "Strangers with Candy." Shannon has her own entertainment life and sung with a musical group by the name of "Shades" that was signed by Motown Records. The beauty of this women is what swept Ray off of his feet. Shannon being a Celtics wife is not a stop towards chasing her own dreams.
  4. Vanity Perkins is the wife of Kendrick Perkins. Vanity and Kendrick were wed in July 2009 and have been together since 2006. This couple surprised their family when marriage came in their relationship so early. Vanity is a naturally beautiful women and can be seen at Kendrick's basketball games with their son Kendrick Jr. Vanity does not take for granted being the Celtic wife of Kendrick Perkins and states that she and their son are very blessed to be a part of the Celtics team.
  5. Candace Parker is the wife of Shelden Williams. Candace and Shelden were married in November 2008. Both Candace and Shelden have a love for the game of basketball because Candace plays in the WNBA for the Los Angeles Sparks. Candace's beauty on and off the court is what grabbed Shelden's attention. The two have a beautiful daughter that was born shortly after their marriage in 2008. This Celtic wife is more in touch with her husband's schedule considering she is on the road traveling with his team.
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