5 Hot Cheating Celebrity Wives

We all know that woman can be just as unfaithful as men, and the list of 5 hot cheating celebrity wives proves it. It seems like everyday, another male celebrity is getting busted for cheating; but what about the woman? When a celebrity wife cheats, they never seem to get the bad publicity that the men do. So take a look at these hot celebrity wives that are also dirty cheaters.

  1. Jennifer LopezIf anything, cheating on hubby Chris Judd with Ben Affleck helped Jennifer Lopez’s career. The media didn’t even focus on the fact that she cheated on her husband but instead just on how hot the new couple was.
  2. Jennifer GarnerTheres no arguing how hot Garner was in the TV show "Alias". Garner married Scott Foley in 2000 but then separated from in 2003. Her relationship with her co-star Michael Vartan was public a year before her divorce was final. It wasn’t long after her new relationship with Vartan that Ben Affleck was in the picture (right around the time he left Jennifer Lopez just weeks before their wedding.) Garner and Affleck are still married.
  3. LeAnn Rimes –Rimes was a singing sensation in her youth that turned to a celebrity hottie. She had been married to Dean Sheremet for eight years when rumors surfaced that her relationship with Eddie Cibrain, her co-star in "Northern Lights". She later left her husband and still seems to be with Cibrian.
  4. Anne Heche – Okay so Heche wasn’t a wife (but she was hot) when she cheated on Ellen DeGerneres for cameraman Coley Laffoon. The media seemed more focused on the fact that she had dated a woman and not that she cheated on her. Heche later married Laffoon, which made her a hot celebrity wife. Then in 2007 she left Laffoon for her co-star in "Men in Trees", James Tupper, which made her a hot cheating celebrity wife.  Heche and Tupper recently had a baby together.
  5. Elizabeth Taylor – So in her day Elizabeth Taylor was a hot celebrity and she also had more affaires in her string of seven marriages than most of the men that get busted. Some of her notable ones are in 1956 when she cheated on her husband Michael Wilding with film producer, Miachael Todd. Then in 1963 while she was married to Eddie Fisher she had an affair with Richard Burton. Elizabeth Taylor might just be history’s best hot cheating celebrity wife.
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