5 Hot Chinese Actresses

The exotic beauty of the east comes in many flavors; these 5 hot Chinese actresses fit the bill for each and every one. From understated classy elegance to young and innocent sex appeal, these five hot Chinese actresses appeal to men and women the world around for their ability to portray characters on screen and entice the viewer with something as simple as the look of an eye. Here are five hot Chinese actresses that heat up the screen and surely make their presence felt.

  1. Maggie Cheung Maggie Cheung first appeared as the put-upon girlfriend of Jackie Chan in his epic "Police Story" films, but morphed into an international sex symbol beyond a simple love interest. Equally adept at playing fierce woman warriors in medieval epics, or a version of herself in the internationally acclaimed "Irma Vep," Cheung's simple beauty ages gracefully. She is as gorgeous now as she was in her early twenties, making her the obvious choice to top any list of five hot Chinese actresses.
  2. Zhang Ziyi Zhang burst onto the international scene in Ang Lee's "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon." Her beauty can be wholesomely innocent or ferally sexual, and often is an enticing mix of the two. Though Chinese, she starred as a Japanese temptress in "Memoirs of a Geisha."
  3. Brigitte Lin A Hong Kong star known for playing strong warrior women, Brigitte Lin may be the toughest of these five hot Chinese actresses. Whether wearing a blonde wig in "Chungking Express" or killing men with her long white hair in "The Bride With White Hair," she is a black widow that is not to be trifled with.
  4. Chingmy Yau Known as a star of Hong Kong "Category III" (exploitation) films, Chingmy made her mark as as sexy-as-hell assassin in "Naked Killer." A former Miss Hong Kong, she definitely belongs on any list of hot Chinese actresses. Though, like many a Chinese sex symbol, she never appeared nude in any of her films; just very close to it.
  5. Gong Li The elder stateswoman of hot Chinese actresses has been known stateside for a while now, due to her role in a number of popular Chinese epics. She still looks good after all these years.
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