5 Hot Cover Girl Spokesmodels

In this list, you will discover 5 hot Cover Girl spokesmodels. You’ve seen those boring Cover Girl ads on television. You may not understand them, but you know what a hot girl is when you see one.

  1. Lana Ogilvie. She is one of the hottest spokesmodels you have ever seen. Her curves, her lips, and her doe-eyed face are what complete her look. She is exotic, sexy, and sweet all in one package. No wonder why she was one of the Cover Girl spokesmodels.
  2. Dania Ramirez. Not only is she one of the spokesmodels for Cover Girl, but she’s on Heroes as well. She’s the other hot actress you haven’t heard of. Want to see how hot she is? Take a look at her Maxim photo shoot. This beauty has legs, breasts, and lips that are to die for.
  3. Rihanna. We all know how hot Rihanna is. She’s got curves that could go on for miles, but her face is what made her a hot Cover Girl spokesmodels. Rihanna can play the sweet “girl next door” or the sexy vixen card. It doesn’t matter, as long as we can look at her.
  4. Cheryl Tiegs. She is one of the most well-known Cover Girl spokesmodels. This fresh faced beauty could wear a bathing suit well. Some guys may be too young to know who she is, so do us all a favor, and search for her on Google. You’re very welcome.    
  5. Christie Brinkley. This last babe has been with Cover Girl since 1975. She’ll make regular appearances as one of their spokesmodels. Forget that; look at her bikini spreads. No wonder why she’s still hot to this day.



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