5 Hot Female Emo Singers

While emo is often criticized for being a male dominated musical genre, there are some five hot female emo singers out there if you look hard enough and are willing to be open-minded about how your categorize “emo.” Because, let’s face it, the emo sound is everywhere these days, in mainstream pop and underground punk music alike. That being said, here’s our selection of five hot female emo singers you won’t want to miss.

  1. Lacey Mosley. The beautiful lead singer of the Christian alt metal band Flyleaf tops our list of the hot female emo singers working today. The band has been going strong since 2000, and Lacey only seems to get sexier with age.
  2. Avril Lavigne. Okay, so not an emo chick per se, but her classic tune “Sk8er Boy” is an emo classic. This justifies putting Avril Lavigne on our list of hot female emo singers. That, and because she's sexy as hell, too!
  3. Alexia Rodriguez. Alexia is the lead vocalist of Eyes Set to Kill, a band her sister is also in. Both chicks deserve to be on a list of hot female emo singers, actually!
  4. Pink. How could any list of hot female emo singers be complete without Pink? Sure, she might be a huge star by now, but she’s still a rebel, and a very sexy one at that.
  5. Kathy Coppola. The bassist and lead singer of Circle Takes the Square rounds out our list of the top five hot female emo singers. Chicks who can scream always get us excited!
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