5 Hot Female Olympic Beach Volleyball Players

Ooh la la, these 5 hot female Olympic beach volleyball players are the reason the temperature rises so much in the summer time. There's something about a female athlete that's super sexy. Maybe it's because she's so fit she could kick your butt. Maybe it's the fact that many of them don't lose an ounce of their feminine allure while playing and still excelling at their respective sport. Well, whatever the reason may be, female athletes are a conglomeration of the sexual elements of top models and the wolf like tenacity of top athletes. No one embodies this mix better than Olympic beach volleyball players. These five hot female Olympic beach volleyball players are the queens of the athletic hill.

  1. Sara Goller. This hot Olympic beach volleyball player is one of the best looking machines to come out of Germany. A blonde bombshell in her own right, she is sporting one of the sexiest midsections in the game. Not to mention some shapely and powerful legs. Don't mistake her for some prissy chick just because she looks good. This girls a hell of a player. Her and her partner won the German championships in 2006, defended the title successfully in 2007, and also won a silver medal in the 2007 European games at Valencia.
  2. Maria Tsiartsiani. Yeah, yeah, who cares if you can't pronounce her last name? One look at this Greek goddess and it really won't matter. This beach volleyball player looks more like a model than an athlete. She's got these toned arms, a sexy stomach and legs so beautiful, Picasso may as well have painted them. Her booty is obviously too big for those tight little shorts she wears, It's as if her shorts are holding on for dear life. Even with all of that, her claim to being one of the five hottest Olympic beach volleyball players is that flawlessly gorgeous face of hers. The only thing more exciting than watching her play is watching what she changes into after her games.
  3. Misty May. Her name alone just sounds sexy. This two time gold medalist (2004, 2008) knows how to represent. And represent she did. May and her partner Kerri Walsh are considered the greatest beach volleyball team of all time. This sexy Californian epitomizes what it means to be an athlete without sacrificing any of her feminine magnetism. Man, her body is perfect, simply perfect. You have to check out that intense stare of hers when she's eyeing her opponent. You wish she'd look at you that way, don't you? Don't you?
  4. Renata Ribeiro.  At 5'9", this full bodied beauty looks more like a model from a 50 Cent video than a world class athlete. She's hot, period. Regardless of whether we we're talking about Olympic beach volleyball players or girls out of certain magazines, she's hot. A lot thicker than the rest of the girls on this list, she's really something to look at. When she plays, man, when she plays, she does have talent. When she represented Brazil in the 2008 Olympics, the team of Ribeiro and Talita Atunes made up one of the most talented, and arguably the most sexy, Olympic beach volleyball tandems ever.  
  5. Talita Atunes. Is it wrong to suggest that certain beach volleyball players should just play naked? Get a look at this one and see if you don't start your own petition for nude volleyball. This girl is fine! Her long slender body is the perfect build to excel at her sport. Her dark hair and dark eyes make you want to play another kind of "sport" with her. Brazil is known for it's beautiful women and Atunes is definitely no slouch.
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