5 Hot Female Singers

The 5 hot female singers are those singers who constantly get attention any way they can get it, which is not necessarily a good thing. Today, female singers are too often lauded for the showy image they fabricate, or for how many times the media can sensationalize them. What ever happened to the days of Petula Clark and female singers who could truly sing well?

  1. Rihanna. Rihanna rides on top of this list of the best hot female singers because of the strength she showed after her altercation with then-boyfriend Chris Brown. Rihanna managed to rebound by releasing her fourth studio album, Rated R, which peaked at number four on the Billboard 200 chart.
  2. Taylor Swift. Taylor Swift may not write the most original songs or sing the sweetest of all the hot female singers at the moment–most of her so-called songs focus on the obsessive subject matter of teen girls that you would expect to read in a diary–but at least she tries to get attention for herself based on her music and nothing else. That's why she sits at the second spot here, but it's also more than that. It's because she is a steady worker, putting out three albums in the last four years.
  3. Katy Perry. Katy Perry takes the third spot on this list of the hot female singers because she just released her newest album not too long ago. A one-hit wonder who was created by the media by their bizarre fascination with that super-intellectual song of hers from 2008–you know, that really smart and witty song called "I Kissed A Girl"–Katy Perry shows that all that inflated-though-substanceless buzz was good for at least another album of songs. Expect more intellectual fare which is proven on songs like "California Girls," a song on which she teams up with that other stalwart of intelligence, Snoop Dogg!
  4. Lady Gaga. Because of the liberal mainstream media's obsession with all things superficial and shallow, it seems that Lady Gaga has not only gotten her fifteen minutes of fame…but also her twenty minutes, and her thirty minutes, etc.. Sitting at the number four spot on this hot female singers list, Lady Gaga nonetheless cannot be ignored because she has been a near-permanent fixture on the Billboard 200 for the last two years, primarily because of injudicious, teen girls and their knack for buying up all things related to something approaching a female role model. What that particular role model quality in Lady Gaga is when almost all her songs and videos feature kinky sex, exhibitionism and glorifying profanity, scientists still have to find out.
  5. Beyonce. The former star of the girl group Destiny's Child and the current partner of rapper Jay-Z, Beyonce is the final hot female singer on this list due to her having the crossover appeal to be able to collaborate with many artists of all stripes. Whether she's shaking her booty in ultra-revealing and very risque costumes or just hitting those high notes like no one else, Beyonce has been a popular singer for several years.
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