5 Hot Girlfriend Sex Tips

Learn about 5 hot girlfriend sex tips to keep her wanting more. It you have a hot girlfriend you better know how to satisfy her sexually. Because if you don’t do it right there will be at least ten guys ready, willing and able to do it for you. You know your girlfriend is hot and she knows she is hot, but show her why you are even hotter. When you have hot and steamy sex with your girlfriend make her body quiver with ecstasy.  She should be screaming your name and begging you for more. With these hot sex tips your girlfriend will really know whose smoking.

  1. Talk dirty to your hot girlfriend. Amongst all that moaning and groaning whisper dirty little thoughts in her ear. Telling her how good you feel, deep inside of her will make her tingle all over. The sound of your sexy voice and hot breathe on her neck will intensify the sex.
  2. Sexy stimulating massage in the right places. Don’t be too much of and “eager beaver” to jump into hot sex with girlfriend arouse her with sensual and sexy massage. Hold off with pleasuring her with your magic stick. Allow the energy and excitement in her to build, until you see her forehead bulging with anticipation. That’s when you unleash mind-blowing sex on her.
  3. Kiss her with fiery passion. If you really want to make your girlfriend’s temperature rise, passionately kiss her. That’s one sure fire way to make things sweltering. Hot girls enjoy kissing, especially with a guy who knows how to intertwine his tongue with hers; and have the sheets blazing.
  4. Play sex games with hot girlfriend. You can find different sex games or you can be creative and make up your own. You can really have fun with your hot girlfriend, making up rules as you go. Blindfold her to make the sex game even more enticing.
  5. Try new positions and different locations. To keep your girlfriend blistering hot change positions on her. Don’t always use the same missionary, doggy style position you may normally use, try something new or come up with your own torrid positions. You got to keep the sex fresh and new. Surprise your hot girlfriend with steamy sex in different places; keep her guessing and wanting more.
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