5 Hot Japanese Actresses

Japanese woman have always been considered some of the most beautiful women in the world and these 5 hot Japanese actresses are no exception. Japanese woman offer a unique spin on being sexy and desirable, through their girl-next-door hot looks and sweet innocence. These Japanese actresses have sweet curves, hot legs and will make your mind wander to places a little more erotic.

  1. Yu Hasebe is a twenty-four year old curvy beauty born in Gifu Prefecture, Japan. Looking at her you may make the mistake that her birthplace is “Gift” “Perfect” because this woman is absolutely gorgeous among Japanese actresses. Those natural Japanese sweet looks and a killer pair of legs. Her look is soft, supple and totally sweet. Her acting career is highlighted by "Love Psycho" and "Backdancers".
  2. Maya Koizumi is the essential girl next door cutie. This Tokyo born babe owns curves that can rival any woman from any nation. Only nineteen and still very supple and firm this beauty has years of heart stopping ahead of her. She is one of the Japanese actresses who has appeared in "Graveyard Hotties" and "The Ring" and has brought that deep dimple adorable smile to everything she appears in.
  3. Miri Hanai is another twenty-four-year-old Tokyo-born goddess that has all the making of an international beauty.  Miri is stacked with long, sexy classic curves and legs that go on for an eyeful. She has a bubbly personality but can turn on the sexy charm in no time as witnessed in several of her appearances.
  4. Yukie Kawamura is a Hokkaido born sex kitten with the sexiest legs you will come across. She, too, has the girl next door look so many Japanese actresses have that will leave you wanting to move into neighborhood in Japan. She is creamy smooth with curves unexpectedly amazing. Sex oozes from this actress and was never more apparent than in her appearances in "A Slit-Mouthed Woman" and "Kikyu Club".
  5. Ayaka Sayama is a stunningly beautiful woman with long sleek and sexy lines. Ayaka has an awesome pair of legs that support an equally lovely frame, exquisite curves, great lips and captivating eyes, all which make her an unforgettable beauty among Japanese actresses. She has graced the screen in "Pure Smile" and "Saba" both memorable only because she was flowing across the screen.
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