5 Hot Japanese Supermodels

Curious about 5 hot Japanese supermodels? Naming the top 5 hottest Japanese supermodels is near impossible. There are without question dozens of hot Japanese supermodels, but for the sake of satisfying the readers this list has been cut to 5 hot Japanese supermodels, listed in no particular order of loveliness. Japanese women have a traditional beauty and exotic mystery about them. These 5 hot Japanese models are sure to get your blood pumping and your fantasies on high alert.

  1. Aya Kiguchi. Aya is the definition of traditional Japanese beauty. Smooth lines, milky skin and a smile to melt the hardest hearts. This hot-legged babe possesses a tender pair and long curves. Aya is the complete package of sex, innocence and wandering lust.
  2. Hiroko Sato. Hiroko has a full body of curves and is built beyond your wildest dreams. Her dark-pool eyes hint at a naughty side, at least we can hope. With traditional Japanese looks, eyes, hair and lips, she is certainly a supermodel that demands attention.
  3. Yoshioka Miho. This Japanese supermodel will leave your jaw agape and your attention fixed. This beauty is a walking bombshell of great legs, fantastic curves a lovely face. Did I mention phenomenal legs? Miho looks great in anything, but when she exposes those fleshy thighs, this beauty rockets to the top of the charts!
  4. Mikie Hara. Mikie is another traditional beauty, holding all the physical characteristics that make Japanese women so beautiful: fluid curves, creamy skin and a glow that is unmistakable. This Japanese hottie is sure to get your interest going and your desires motivated.
  5. Kawamura Yukie. Yukie shines in front of a camera. Her inviting mouth and dreamy eyes take this beauty well to the top of the list of hottest Japanese supermodels of all time. A classic model with a body from outer space, Yukie is a timeless beauty.
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