5 Hot Korean Singers

Korea is famous for having cute actresses and singers who are talented and stylish at the same time, so read on to find out more about the five hot Korean singers who have captured the attention of many. Like show biz in the United States, the entertainment in Korea is also extremely selective: only the most good-looking people will succeed and become popular. Many Korean actresses and singers have committed suicide due to the pressure and stress. Read on to find out which hot Korean singers have survived the fierce competition.

  1. Sun-ye. The leader of the popular K-pop group, Wonder Girl, Sun-ye is often considered as one of the hottest Korean singers. Before joining show business, Sun-ye was enrolled in Dongguk University studying Performing Arts. Just turned 21, Sun-ye is already one of the most popular female singers in the nation. 
  2. Park Bom. A member of an all-girl group 2NE1, Bom is fluent in English and Japanese after studying in the United States for ten years. Before joining 2NE1,  Bom has appeared in various TV commercials and music videos. She is the main vocal in 2NE1, and is also good at playing the flute, cello, and piano. 
  3. Park Sandara. Another member of 2NE1,  Sandara is fluent in English, Chinese, and Tagalog as she grew up in the Philippines. Sandara is not only one of the hottest Korean singers. She is also considered one of the most beautiful and talented entertainer in the Philippines after she briefly appeared in the Philippines's ABS Channel. 
  4. BoA. Active in Korea, the United States, and Japan, BoA is not only one of the hottest Korean singers as she is also famous for her beat. Her music is heavily influenced by hip hop and R&B. BoA has recorded songs in Korean, English, Japanese, and Chinese. BoA has also appeared in various TV and radio shows in Korea and Japan. 
  5. Kim Hyo Jin. As one of the hottest Korean singers, Jin began her entertainment career by modeling for teen magazines. She gained her fame after starring in a popular romantic comedy called "Everybody has Secrets." Now she is a member of the music group Brown Eyed Girls. Her silky long hair and lean body has attracted many male fans. 
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