5 Hot Lesbian Asian Women

The 5 hot lesbian Asian women definitely takes lady on lady love affairs to the Far East with each passionate encounter. These Asian lesbians surely make many hot under the collar as they get involved with other women. The Asian women certainly embrace hot lesbian action with each and every chance they get to their hearts delight. No one can resist seeing these stunning lesbian Asian women as they enter the room and are ready to mingle with other available hot women in the crowd. Here are the five hot lesbian Asian women:

  1. Asia Carrera. An Asian porn legend starred in many films where she had numerous lesbian situations and fantasies throughout her career. Admirers can see her in many adult films such as "Asian Beauties" and "Bangkok Nights."
  2. Tila Tequila. This gorgeous Asian exploded onto the scene when her Myspace page got huge amount of visits. She did a reality show "A Shot at Love with Tequila" where 16 men and 16 lesbian women competed for her affections.
  3. Asa Akira. An adult film actress and model is no stranger to lesbian hookups with her lady friends like Gina Lynn. The hot Asian was a frequent guest on the "Bubba Love Sponge" radio show as well as a role in the film "Pure" in 2009. 
  4. Gianna Lynn. A hot Asian is never shy with getting involved in lesbian action with other women to the pleasure of many. She has appeared in an episode of TLC's "Miami Ink" and got a nice angel tattoo on the back of her neck.
  5. Lucy Liu. Another hot Asian actress portrays no nonsense women in "Ecks versus Sever" and "Charlie's Angels." Her most famous scene was her character, Ling Woo, and Ally McBeal shared a lesbian kiss for a brief moment.
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