5 Hot Lesbian Brunettes

Luscious blond lesbians always get the attention these days,  so it’s for this reason we decided to give the top 5 hot lesbian brunettes their props. Dark haired lesbian beauties almost never get their just deserts; nevertheless, they come in all shapes, sizes, colors and flavors. Here is just a smattering of the coolest and most beautiful top five hot lesbian brunettes that grace our stage.

  1. Amy Ray: This top five hot lesbian brunette is rail-thin, tall and gorgeous, but you may know her better as the other half of the Grammy winning, American folk duo, Indigo Girls. She and Emily Saliers began performing together while still in high school in Georgia, releasing ten albums since 1987 to date. Some of their mega-hits included, “Closer I am to Fine” and “Galileo.” Ms. Ray usually took second chair with her soulful harmonies, but her presence cannot be denied even when she's not singing the lead. Since the band’s demise, Ray has had minimal success with a few solo albums. She is, however, still heavily involved in environmental and political causes.
  2. Marlene Dietrich: It may come as a surprise to most people that this silent screen star was a lesbian, but not to her true fans. Ms. Dietrich is included in this top five hot lesbian brunette list not because she was a legend in her time, but because she had the chutzpah to carve out her own life; living just as she saw fit; never conforming to the narrow-minded views of many of her peers. She wore her luxurious brunette tresses long and curly; her lips – full and blood red. She is purported to have had the best gams in the biz. She started acting in films in 1923; however, it was "The Blue Angel" and her fiery role as "Lola" that truly shot her to fame. Moreover, this hot lesbian brunette was highly intelligent, recognizing in her later years how to appeal to both genders by dressing androgynously. Sadly, she died in Paris in 1992.
  3. Ani Difranco: Known as the ultimate do-it-yourself-writer, this wildly successful folk singer has never sold out as many others have. Inspirational to millions of lesbians around the world and fiercely independent, Ani was one of the first musicians to jump the major music label ship by taking charge of her own career. Many bands such as Radiohead, Nine Inch Nails, even Madonna, allowed this very brilliant hot lesbian brunette to pave their way, before following her lead.
  4. Michelle Bonilla: Out and proud, this Mexican born actress is a delightful blend of lesbian brunette perfection and talent. She played Harms for more than ten years on "E.R"., Morales, the teacher in "Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman", and was a regular in "Star Trek: Enterprize". Ms. Bonilla continues to play many roles, but she actively seeks out ones in which she can portray a strong, confident, lesbian woman.
  5. Linda Perry: Ah yes, remember when music gauged the voice of vibe and true sentiment? Before consumerism came to be? Ms. Perry certainly does. She's the real deal. You probably only remember this quirky little lesbian brunette bombshell as the "one-hit-wonder" of 4 Non Blondes, "What's Up" fame. However, she is infinitely more than this. She is not only a powerful singer and producer, but an extremely talented songwriter with a poet's soul. In fact, she is instrumental in British pop artist James Blunt's success. If you haven't experienced the wonder that is Linda Perry, think Taylor Dane meets Christina Aguilera. Her amazing vocals destroy. She is not just a gale, but a tornado of hard-edged sexiness and attitude. Although her former band is simply a footnote in rock history now, Ms. Perry will never go away; and nor would we want her to.
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