5 Hot Nude Basketball Players

The 5 hot nude basketball players is something that many male basketball enthusiasts think about. Which five women basketball players will blow your mind with their clothes off? Just check below to get the run down.  

  1. Christen Mann. This woman is a miracle of basketball. Sometimes it is hard to believe that she is in the WNBA. She reminds you more of a Middle Eastern model than a rough-and-tumble basketball player. Although she has never posed nude, you can see she is just plain gorgeous. Her softness and lovely face just grab you.
  2. Lauren Jackson. This basketball player has the body of a beach volleyball player. She is fit, well-proportioned and her long limbs compliment her long torso. Her poses are almost romantic with eyes that search endlessly. Her body is very sexy, and she reminds you of a fashion model.
  3. Rebecca Lobo. Some ladies are downright sexy. Rebecca has a series of looks that range from fashion model to completely odd. Her body is very lovely and shapely. Her range of looks could use some work. If you love large, lovely women, she is everything you might want. But, her hair does need some work. Otherwise, her breasts are just gorgeous, and they clearly are the centerpiece of the package.
  4. Lisa Harrison. She has the perfect body for modeling. Her breasts are moderate, round and shapely. Her face is just plain beautiful. She also has a soft and feminine look. Lisa is the “girl next door” of the WNBA, which simply has too few of these kinds of women. She is probably the best looking woman all around on our list.
  5. Ortal Oren. Ortal Oren is one gorgeous woman. Although she has never posed nude, you can see that she possesses one of the loveliest bodies in all of the WNBA. It isn’t a leap of faith to see that she would be among the best nude players. Her face is perfect, and her hands and feet are those of an African goddess. Ortal is one of the best looking and feminine players in the WNBA. She is another “girl next door” type of lovely creature.

This concludes the list of five hot, nude basketball players and most men should really enjoy this list. These are five hot, nude basketball players we should be able to see in "Playboy."

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