5 Hot Nude Black Celebrities

Finding five hot nude black celebrities is easier said than done. Sisters just don't like to take their clothes off like that, unless you count the porn stars. And nobody wants to do that. The definition of celebrity has been blurred over the years, but this list will be sure to make you look twice, especially if you've never looked at all.

  1. Janet Jackson. Of course she tops this list. She's one of the biggest celebrities black, white or Asian. She got semi-nude before the entire world during a Super Bowl and gave us all a peek. It was only a nipple (with a sexy nipple ring) but you would have thought she flashed a pierced clitoris by the way the public responded. It's rumored that she has one of those, by the way.
  2. Halle Berry. This movie star wowed the world with one flash of her chest in the movie "Swordfish." And a beautiful chest it was. We knew she was cute and of mixed, black and Caucasian descent but we didn’t know she was built like that. She gives the word “berry” a whole new meaning and makes us wish she would get nude more often. However, with her being a major movie star and international celebrity we can only hold our breath.
  3. Stacey Dash. This gorgeous beauty with green eyes has come a long way since the movie "Clueless." With a gluteus that won't quit and a squeezable waist, she brings the words "baby doll" to mind. You can find her in the black male magazines or strutting through a couple of music videos looking hot and sweaty.
  4. Vanessa Williams. This former Miss America pulled a Barack Obama and shocked the world by becoming the first woman of color to win the title. Of black and Italian descent, she later shocked us again with a very hot and sexy, unauthorized set of photos of her fully nude and simulating lesbian sex with another model.
  5. Jayne Kennedy. This 70's/80's sportscaster/actress is in one word: gorgeous. This beautiful black celebrity was more than a dime, she was a dozen. And she got nude more than once on screen. She and husband Leon Isaac Kennedy had a sex tape on the street long before it was the cool thing to do.
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