5 Hot Nude Soccer Players

The 5 hot nude soccer players are soccer players who are also in touch with their sexual side, maybe too much so. Not content to merely play soccer and gain fame and fortune from their exploits and abilities on the field, these nude soccer players feel the need to do a little bit of exhibitionism on the side. This has caused them to lose credibility as athletes as a result.

  1. Brandi Chastain. Brandi Chastain takes the number one spot on account of how she's the most famous of the soccer players in this list to have posed nude. A member of the US Women's National Team as well as the US Women's World Cup Team, she posed with nothing else except a pair of soccer cleats and a strategically placed soccer ball in Gear Magazine. While she posed nude, she also scored her own goal in a World Cup quarterfinal match against Germany. Awwww, Brandi!
  2. Eva Roob. Almost everyone reading this has likely never before heard of the German, former pro-soccer player named Eva Roob, unless they happen to watch porn. Maybe the alias "Samira Summer" will ring a bell instead, as the formerly named Eva Roob now calls herself this name. Eva Roob was a soccer player for Germany's FC Nuremberg, but then, she decided that her real calling in life-one she dreamed of since being a little, tiny girl growing up-was as a hardcore performer in porn movies! Thus, she quit soccer and became a professional porn actress. She takes the number two spot out of sheer audacity alone.
  3. Amy Taylor. Australian Amy Taylor is also quite unknown, unless you happened to buy a certain calendar back in the year 2000. As a member of Australia's national women's team, she was the cover model of a lewd and nude calendar along with a few other teammates. While she has been forced into soccer retirement since then, she has reappeared as a television sports presenter in Australia, which is why she lands at number three.
  4. Sharon Black. Sharon Black is a 39-year-old, Australian footballer who is, at the moment, playing soccer for Adelaide United in Australia. This soccer player and soon to be mature woman graciously contributed to the ranks of nude and hot soccer players when she partook in the nude calendar that featured players from Australia's women's national team.
  5. Briana Scurry. Briana Scurry gets the last spot because of how she became a nude streaker through the streets of Athens, Georgia, after the US Women's National Team won the Olympic gold back in 1996. Always a bashful and reserved nude soccer player, the introverted Ms. Scurry was so conservative that she actually checked out the street on which she streaked to make sure it was empty. Then, she took of her clothes and ran 20 to 30 feet up and down the street before returning to her car.
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