5 Hot Nude Tennis Players

The 5 hot nude tennis players have appeared in all sorts of ways. Some of them have posed nude willfully for the unethical lure of filthy lucre, otherwise known as cold, hard cash. Others have been the victim of unscrupulous and overly aggressive photographers who have snapped them in private moments. Still others have even volunteered to be nude.

  1. Steffi Graf. This phenom and dominating women's tennis player was the queen of her day, but she was also the victim of a few instances of an intrusive photographer's penetrating lens. The most infamous was when a breaching such photographer snapped a picture of her topless as she was drying herself off at a pool! The biggest shock in the picture? Her fat and out-of-shape father, Peter, who was sunning himself in a chair next to her!
  2. Serena Williams. This one-half of tennis' Williams sisters elected to pose nude in an issue of Jane Magazine. While Serena Williams likely is not every guy's idea of which tennis player he'd like to see stark naked, she comes in at number two because of her fame and tennis achievements. She does look like an Amazon, though.
  3. Ashley Harkleroad. Ashley…what's that? Ashley Harkle-something. Harkle…road, you say? Harkleroad takes the three position because of her being the first ever tennis athlete to grace a cover of Playboy. Back in 2008, the then-23-year-old was relatively unknown…as she still is pretty much today. But who the hell cares when you can stare at her…you know…assets in Playboy?!
  4. Andy Roddick. This tennis player decided to go nude for a good cause back in 2008. As part of Elton John's 16th annual event to raise money for those afflicted with AIDS in the Atlanta area, Andy Roddick decided to help raise money by auctioning off a tennis lesson that he would give…in the nude. The winner was a female fan who dropped $15,000 for the private peep show/tennis lesson.
  5. Boris Becker. Some of you may not remember Boris Becker, but this tennis great was dominant in the 80s and 90s, though some of his controversies made him as newsworthy as his accomplishments on the tennis court. This nude tennis player appeared naked with his soon-to-be-wife Barbara Feltus on the cover of German magazine Stern, supposedly to protest racism.
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