5 Hot Nude Volleyball Players

The top 5 hot nude volleyball players is something that a lot of guys would love to see. We have all seem them bounce about the screen on ESPN, now we shall evaluated them review the top 5 nude volleyball players.

  1. Kathy Radzuweit. Who? Kathy Radzuweit is an incredibly tall and lovely vixen from Germany. Her body is slender, brown and a welcome drink of chocolate. Her moves are graceful on the court and she just might be German volleyball’s Viagra.
  2. Gabrielle Reece. This impressive beauty has an incredible figure. This dark-haired vixen has an hourglass shape that extends out from her about two feet. Your jaw just drops trying to take in her lovely curves. She is the classic beach bunny with a little extra height, and two extra doses of gorgeous thrown in.
  3. Jennifer Maastricht. Maastricht is small upstairs but she has a lovely finish. Her lovely looks remind you of Bo Derek in some respects. Her smoldering eyes just burn right through every photo she takes. Perhaps she is the Bo Derek of the five hot nude volleyball players.
  4. Amber Willey. Amber Willey is classically shaped and you can tell she has quite the body amongst her teammates. Amber like some of her teammates posed nude in "Playboy." Her spread was respectful, and showed her muscular body in an artistic way.
  5. Nicole Midwin. There is quite a butt on this woman! Nicole Midwin is in a class by herself. She is lovely, shapely and looks an athletically built beach bunny but with one improvement. Her photos reveal buns of steel that contain an apple bottom. Looking at her pictures, you might wonder where she stole her bottom from. If you like women with this feature, you’d better start watching volleyball and pay attention.
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