5 Hot Petite Asians

It was no small feat putting together this list of 5 hot petite Asian women. Sure, Asian women are known for being skinny, but we defy you to find more hot Korean actresses you can count on one hand who are under five foot seven or more hot Japanese porn stars who stand less than 170 centimeters tall. It’s damn near impossible, so marvel at the fruits of our labor.

  1. Maria Ozawa Maria Ozawa is a Japanese AV ("adult video") star who stands five-foot-four and weighs a little less than 110 pounds. She’s tight and compact, but on account of her mixed heritage (her father is French Canadian, her mother Japanese) she’s got substantial chesticles. You can see pretty much all of Maria on display in a number of class films (such titles as “Beautiful Eurasian News Anchor Maria Ozawa Desiring Nakadashi Rape” come to mind) and get a fully fleshed perspective on one of five hot, petite Asian women.
  2. Shobijin Twins The Shobijin twins of the 1961 cult classic “Mothra” are the definition of petite. Standing less than a foot tall, these two tiny hotties play a central role in the drama that unfolds when an enormous moth—the titular character—escapes his island confines and ends up fighting, you guessed it, Godzilla. As played by real life twins Emi and Yumi Ito, the Shobijin twins make our list of five hot petite Asians.
  3. Aki Hoshino At five-foot-five, Japanese bathing suit model Aki Hoshino is on the tall side of petite, but she’s packing a substantial pair of rice milk cartons that have got to weight a few pounds each and she’s barely more than 100 pounds. Hoshino specializes in filling the pages of countless men’s magazines while never taking her clothes off. She’s provoked who knows how many fantasies throughout her long career without ever giving us the cheap thrill of nudity. With a heart-shaped face and a body to die for, Aki Hoshino is one of five hot petite Asians women.
  4. Bai Ling Bai Ling is best-known to Western audience for guest appearances on television shows like “Lost” and “Entourage” and her eagerness to remove her clothes once the cameras start rolling. Bai stands barely over five feet and has a smoldering, aggressive sexuality much akin to that of Angelina Jolie. Look no further than her star performance in the indie film “Shanghai Baby” for proof as to why she merits inclusion as one of five hot, petite Asian women.
  5. BoA BoA is a petite Korean pop star who records in both Japanese and Korean. She appeared on Akon’s Japan album and has sold millions of records in eastern Asia. Oh, and she’s under five-foot-three and has a tight, compact body that will have rice chasers (for the uninitiated, that’s what Asians call white guys that are only interested in Japanese, Korean, or Chinese culture because they’re after Asian women) booking passage to Seoul before you can say, "Kimchi." This cheerful popstar makes our list of five hot petite Asian women.
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