5 Hot Playboy Videos

If you love beautiful ladies, then you'll definitely enjoy this list of 5 hot "Playboy" videos. These are some of the sexiest, steamiest and all-around best-produced videos released by the iconic magazine with its signature bunny. While you're not going to find any hardcore action on this list, you will see examples of some of the finest nude footage known to man, as well as some of the best views of some of your favorite celebrities. If you're ready for the sexy, then a great way to start is with the following 5 hot "Playboy" videos.

  1. "The Women of Enron" You watched them steal everyone's money, now watch them take it all off for the camera. More than just a hot "Playboy" video, this is one of the magazine's best features for its sheer absurdity. This one happens to be one of the most intelligent "Playboy" videos, considering that a majority of it is interviews with the women, giving the audience a glance into their lives and their feelings about the faltering company.
  2. "Wet & Wild: Slippery When Wet" The very pinnacle of the "Wet & Wild" series, this is one of the hottest "Playboy" videos because it combines everything that guys love best: naked women and wet material. What you get is some of the hottest footage around, featuring sexy ladies sunbathing au natural, naked near the swimming pool and basically fulfilling the content of every single one of your summer fantasies. If you want to see some hard-bodies enjoying the most fun-filled season ever, be sure to check out this hot "Playboy" video.
  3. "The Women of 'Fear Factor.'" Some of the sexiest ladies featured on the world's scariest reality show bare it all for the camera in this hot "Playboy" video. Many of us watched the show hoping to see hotties like Meghan Allen or Monica Gonzales nude, and we were finally given the chance. The video also features interviews with the women where they detail their experiences on the show. While certainly less frightening than the show that made these ladies famous, this video is definitely one of the sexiest on this list.
  4. "No Boys Allowed, 100% Girls" If you're into lesbians, then this is the video for you. If you're into sexy ladies getting involved in a nude car wash, then this is definitely your cup of tea. This video from 2000 features some of the sexiest women to ever be associated with the magazine, and while none of them have ever made Playmate of the Year, they'll certainly be remembered for some of the footage that they shot during this project.
  5. "'Playboy': Celebrities" Where else are you going to find Pamela Anderson, Anna Nicole Smith, Jenny McCarthy and Carmen Electra all in one place? This is the definitive collection of the female celebrities that have graced the pages of this legendary magazine. If you're looking for some of the best celebrity skin you've seen short of a sex tape, you'll find it here.
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