5 Hot Revlon Spokesmodels

If you ever watch television, you may have noticed these 5 hot Revlon spokesmodels. How could you not notice them? They are beautiful. However, they are more than beautiful. They are talented and they are known celebrities. That is why Revlon was smart enough to hire them to endorse their products knowing that women would trust them and men would love watching them. Here are five examples:

  1. Halle Berry: Halle Barry became a spokesmodel for Revlon in 2007. She is known for roles in such movies as: “Cat Woman”, “Jungle Fever” and “Introducing Dorothy Dandridge". She has won many acting awards including: an Academy Award, an Emmy Award, and a Golden Globe Award.
  2. Jessica Alba:  Jessica Alba signed to become a spokesmodel for Revlon in 2007. It was reported that Revlon gave her a $5 million dollar contract. Jessica is known for starring in such movies as:  “The Fantastic Four,” “Camp Nowhere,” and “Good luck Chuck.”
  3. Jennifer Connelly: Revlon’s new face for 2009 was Jennifer Connelly. Jennifer is an accomplished actress known for her roles in movies such as: “A Beautiful Mind,” “Once Upon A Time In America,” and “Dark City.” She is both an Academy Award winner and A Golden Globe Winner.
  4. Elle MacPherson: Ella MacPherson became a spokesmodel for Revlon in 2008. This Australian born supermodel may be most known for being a model for Sport Illustrated. In fact, she has modeled for 5 of the famously known Sports Illustrated Swimsuits editions. She is also an actress who has appeared in such films as  “Batman & Robin” and “If Lucy Fell,”, as well as hosting and producing “Britain’s Next Top Model.”
  5. Lucy Liu: Lucy Liu signed with Revlon in the year 2000. She is known for acting in such movies as:  “Charlie’s Angels”, “Kill Bill,” and “Kung Fu Panda”, as well as her role on the television show “Ally McBeal.”

One reason that Revlon is able to entice celebrities to endorse their products is that they help fund many worthwhile charities and causes, such as helping to fund money for breast cancer research.



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