5 Hot Russian Actresses

These hot Russian actresses prove that the only thing cold from there is the climate. Russia's always been known for its three most important exports: gorgeous models, a certain type of alcohol that's great with almost any chaser, and of course hot actresses. Let's talk about the latter. These foreign beauties have, thankfully, infiltrated the silver screen and taken control of guys' minds everywhere. They could very well be considered potent, controlled substances. You see them once and you'll want to see them over and over again. So, here we go, the five hottest Russian Actresses:

  1. This hot Russian actress and model may not be on your radar just yet, but she should be. Marina Aleksandrova is, in a word, stunning. This natural brunette has a pair of the most piercing blue eyes you'll ever be hypnotized by. Her body is the definition of hourglass, with a set of lips that you wish you could kiss every morning. As of 2010 she's been featured in a collection of sixteen movies and TV mini-series that are too hard to pronounce. We can only hope she gets involved in some American films.
  2. Oleysa Rulin. This extraordinary beauty is best known for her character "Kelsi" from the "High school Musical" films. This girl is fine! Standing all of 5' nothing, she has the perfect look of innocent girl next door with a serious wildcat look in her eyes. We can only hope this to be true. What makes her such a hot actress? She's a lot more than a pretty face. She's been trained in ballet and the piano (imdb.com). Multitalented is mucho hot.
  3. Anya Monzikova has such a unique beauty about her you can't help but stare. People say this all the time about gorgeous women, but seriously, try to look at this woman. It'll be a real struggle to regain control of your eyes again. Best known as a "Deal Or No Deal" model, this hot Russian actress has appeared in a handful of movies including "Iron Man 2." Her body's a ten. Her eyes are simply magnificent. She's got a smile that could warm up any cold Russian night. They say blondes have more fun, and who wouldn't want to have fun with her?
  4. She's the biggest reason anyone watched "That 70's Show." She's also the other reason guys around the world hate Macaulay Culkin (Lets not forget Home Alone). Mila Kunis is simply breathtaking. She's got that hot indy rocker vibe going for her. Her dark hair creates a beautiful contrast to her normally fair skin (she tans well too!) and bright eyes. Let's not forget about that gorgeous petite body of hers, with the nicest set of legs ever. She's easily one of the hottest Russian actresses ever to hit the big screen.
  5. How does one describe this next hot Russian actress? What are the ingredients for the perfect woman again? Olga Kurylenko is the embodiment of love at first sight. She's got to be one of the most beautiful women in the world. Appearing in "Hitman," "Quantum of Solace" and "Max Payne," every second she's on screen she seems to grow even more gorgeous, even more alluring. There are truly no words that can adequately describe the oozing sex appeal leaking from her very pores. She has beautiful legs, a perfect figure, nice breasts (which have also appeared on film) and a flawless, I mean flawless face. She is hotness incarnate.


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