5 Hot Russian Celebrity Wives

There are plenty of good reasons why women love Russian men, but have you ever wondered who the top 5 hot Russian celebrity wives of these guys are? We’ve compiled a list of five ladies who understand why these men are number one in their lives and no, it’s not the tired, old “Russian hands” jokes.

Russian men are extremely generous, often taking in their wives’ family into their homes, if need be. They actually know how to respect females. Perhaps it is the many attacks and invasions they have endured, which has resulted in their need to look out for their countrymen, as well as their family. Besides being famous, modern Russian man have much to be thankful for, as you will see as we introduce the top five hot Russian celebrity wives.

  1. Elina Kuletskaya Coming in at number one on our top five hot Russian wives is a Playboy Playmate of the highest order. Sleek, slim and sexy, this tiny blond bombshell is hell on wheels. She is trying to become an actress since marrying Russian pop star, Oleg Menshikov. Can she act? Google her picture and ask yourself if you care. Back to hubby. Oleg Menshikov has a string of hits to his credit and swore he would never marry–that is until he met the Nordic beauty. In addition to being a singer, Menshikov also tours in various ice skating shows. He has taught Ms. Kuletskaya to perform duets to the delight of millions of fans of both the mega-stars.

  3. Anastasia Menshikova-Chernova Born in Arctic Russia, this hot Russian celebrity wife’s lovely light was hidden for many years. She secretly wedded the famous actor Oleg Menshikov, who is over twenty years her senior. He feared his career as a famous Russian actor would suffer, so she became more of a mystery than a wife. With her flaxen hair and flawless face, it's easy to understand why she made our hot Russian wives list.

  5. Maria Golubkina This exotic vessel of delight is the daughter of Larisa Golubkina–the famous actress of cinema and Theater of Satire. Maria made her film debut age sixteen in the Russian film, “Adam's Rib." Presently she has appeared in many foreign movies and serials. This dark-haired, retro-styling gift of hotness is as talented as she is sassy. It wasn’t long until she caught the dark, smoldering eye of Nikolai Fomenko, the Russian-born comedian, auto racer and musician. He later went on to become a host on Russia’s “The Weakest Link.” Together they have three children and even in her thirties she is a force to be reckoned with.

  7. Svetlana Zakharova Born in the bicentennial year of 1976, this raven-haired beauty is to this day the youngest prima ballerina of her time. The effortless grace and flawless fluidity, coupled with her perfect face and body easily make this ballet and opera star part of the top five hot Russian celebrity wives list. She obviously danced into the heart of Russia’s sexiest and beefiest baritone, Dmitri Hvorostovsky. No doubt he appreciates one of nature’s most physically arresting beauty's of our time. Was it her sensual lips, Slavic eyes, long, dark tresses or her knockout body that captured his heart? Together they are irresistibly hot and, paradoxically, cold as Nordic ice.

  9. Ekaterina Alexandrovna Gordeeva This exquisite, sublime blond hottie started skating at the tender age of four. Legs that never quit, miniscule waist and extravagant upper appeal easily makes her a part of our top five Russian wives list of provocative lusty ladies. At only ten years of age, the media darling was eventually paired with fourteen-year-old Sergei Grinkov. He constantly missed practice and at one point the coach wanted Gordeeva to pair with someone else. She refused. Instead, the couple merely changed coaches and went on to win the 1985 World Junior Figure Skating Championship, the World Figure Skating Championship and finally winning the gold at the 1988 Winter Olympics. They are the youngest pair ever to win the coveted gold.
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