5 Hot Sex Tapes

They're all over the place, so how can you pick the five hottest sex tapes in existence? In this world of reality TV, everyone wants to see the personal lives of the folks they catch on TV. Sex tapes are nothing more than another avenue for peaking into stars lives. It's almost as if B level stars leak sex tapes on purpose to elevate their stardom for a while. With a see of sex tapes to choose from, choosing the top five isn't easy. How do you decide which sex tapes are the hottest? Well, heres an attempt at choosing five hot sex tapes.

  1. Pam and Tommy Lee. When you think of sex tapes, this particular piece of erotic non-fictional audio visual stimulation has to be on everyone's list. This sex tape ushered in the sex tape era. Not to mention the fact that Pamela Anderson is arguably one of the most beautiful women ever to get naked on screen. You don't need to hear the happy couple spouting "baby" and "lover" over and over again. They overall quality of the tape sucks as well. The sound isn't great, and the actual time of sexual activity isn't more than fifteen or twenty minutes. But, even after all of that, this is definitely one of the hottest sex tapes in circulation. Why? Pamela Anderson.
  2. Kim Kardashian and Ray J. The quality of this sex tape was pretty solid. You could clearly see Kardashian getting down with the young crooner Ray J. The only bad part about this film was the fact that someone got a hold of a copy and edited the sound. You can literally hear two people voicing over the actual footage. It totally destroys the film. The only reason why this sex tape could be considered one of the hottest is because of  Kardashian. Some people just have a beauty that's magnetic. She's one of those people.
  3. Olivia Mojica. She was an American Idol contestant during season two. It's not that the tape is all that good. Hell, it's not that she gets extra nasty in the film. It's just the fact that the public got to see her belting notes on live TV. Then via Vivid Video, the public gets to see her get down. She's not too bad in the bedroom. If her singing career doesn't produce the results she wants, she could always go the porno route.
  4. Pam Anderson and Brett Michaels. Once again, celebrity sex tapes are never the greatest. This particular film is boring as far as sex tapes go. But, it does have Anderson. If she could save Baywatch, saving another sex tape featuring her freaky exploits is easy.
  5. Nicole Narain and Colin Farrell. If you don't know who Narain is, you need to find out. Similar to Anderson, she has no problem taking her clothes of for the pleasure of men throughout the country. Just like the rest of the sex tapes, her tape is only hot because she's in it. These stars should really consider hiring a big name producer to up their sex tape game.
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