5 Hot Shirtless Female Rappers And Singers

The 5 hot shirtless female rappers and singers was a list that was quite enjoyable to compile. In an industry where sex sells, these five female rappers and singers are definitely pushing their respective brands of sexual cocaine to the public. These girls are hot as hell with talent to match. Each one of these female rappers and singers just ooze sex appeal. Every guy's visual wet dream and every speakers best friend, these rappers and singers have no problem whatsoever captivating an audience of dudes. Get your headphones and lubrication ready–here are five hot shirtless female rappers and singers for you to enjoy.

  1. Lil' Kim In the early 1990s, every rapper out wanted to be hard, including the females. Lil' Kim had no problem spitting a street wise flow, but her real bread and butter was when she'd switch her style up and give guys the eargasms. Not only do her lyrics sizzle, her body is off the chain as well. Lil' Kim obviously realizes this because she uses any opportunity to show it off. Her big, enhanced, beautiful breasts have had their fair share of the spotlight. She's worn as little as a pasty to cover her nipples. Ah, there's nothing more sexy than a woman that can talk a good freak game and back it up as well.
  2. Naturi Naughton She's a fixture in the group 3LW, but that's not why guys care about her. No, no, no. She played Lil' Kim in the biopic about The Notorious B.I.G. in the film "Notorious." There's at least three scenes when this girl reveals it all. This shirtless singer who played a rapper stole the whole show. Oh, and her breasts aren't the only great assets on this girl.
  3. Foxy Brown She was Lil' Kim's biggest rival in the hip-hop world back in the early- to mid-1990s. She could rap her butt off and she was hot as high noon in the summer. She's worn her fair share of breast-revealing outfits as well. You should definitely get a look at this beauty.
  4. Nicki Minaj She's the new school. Nicky Minaj is all the best elements of her predecessors rolled into a fine package. She can rap her ass off. She's got swagger that only a confident, beautiful woman could wield. Not to mention the fact that she's the finest rapper ever to go shirtless, ever. She's got the game on lockdown and it'll be that way for years to come.
  5. Eve She's got the voice of a phone sex operator with the delivery of a hardcore rapper. Along with her impressive body of work, Eve really knows how to work her body. She doesn't have the biggest breasts in the game, but they still look rather nice when she shows them off. This girl is bad. If you listened to hip-hop in the last ten years, you would have heard her. And you'd be in love.
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