5 Hot Spanish Actresses

With all the talent coming out of this community, it's hard to pick just 5 hot Spanish actresses. With a heritage that dates back to the dawn of film, Spanish ancestry has been synonymous with some of the hottest leading ladies of all time. Present times are no different. For the very best in hot Spanish actresses, you have come to the right place!

  1. Meagan Good: With a career that has spanned two decades, it's hard to believe Meagan Good is not older than she is. While her looks have only improved over time, along with her skill, the young starlet possesses screen charisma that has enhanced films such as "Roll Bounce", "Brick", "Saw V", and "The Unborn". Making her feature film debut in "Friday" opposite Ice Cube and Chris Tucker, Meagan has charmed audiences of all ages in her storied career, and will only continue to do so with her stunning blend of African and Spanish heritage. She is only one of the hot Spanish actresses working today!  
  2. Penelope Cruz: Penelope Cruz has captured every man's heart with her charming likability and her dark exotic beauty. Sporting one of the most drop dead gorgeous figures in Tinseltown, she has starred opposite of actors such as Tom Cruise ("Vanilla Sky"), Ben Kingsley ("Elegy"), and Salma Hayek ("Bandidas"), setting hearts ablaze wherever she goes. Cruz is quite simply in a class by herself, but still worthy of mentioning on this list of hot Spanish actresses.
  3. Salma Hayek: Heart-stopping looks and sexuality are commonplace with Salma Hayek. Since bursting onto the scene with the legendary Robert Rodriguez-directed action vehicle "Desperado", Hayek has continued to ignite audiences with portrayals of sultry vampire vixens ("From Dusk Till Dawn") and rowdy vengeful cowgirls (the previously mentioned "Bandidas"). No list of hot Spanish actresses is complete without her!
  4. Elena Anaya: Elena Anaya may not be recognizable by name, but you will certainly be familiar with her face (and body). Starring in Justin Timberlake's "Sexy Back" video and a memorable vampire turn in "Van Helsing" seal Anaya's rightful place on this list of hot Spanish actresses.
  5. Nicole Anderson: The Disney Channel's "JONAS" is the starting ground for Nicole Anderson, a young 20-year old starlet, who plays the role of Macy Misa on the hit show. Keep your eyes glued to this young lady as she will no doubt be receiving offers for feature films and men's magazine spreads in the near future. Finally old enough to make this list of hot Spanish actresses, men everywhere are breathing a sigh of relief that they can finally show their enthusiasm for this young lady's curves, looks, and vitality.
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