5 Hot Tamil Actresses

Trust us, it's not that hard to find 5 hot Tamil actresses. The Tamil people are an ethnic group local to south India and northeastern Sri Lanka; the rise of Bollywood and Western media interests in the area has given the Tamil people a new voice in film and television. Tamil actresses, as beautiful as they may be, join in those ranks. Whether or not you like these Tamil actresses in particular, the future of the global Indian media presence remains to be seen.

  1. Anu Hasan. Born on July 15th 1970, Anu is one of the most famous hot Tamil actresses. She is more than just stunning looks, however, and even hosts her own television show "Koffee with Anu" on Vijay. She has appeared in a few films, but is mostly a television personality.
  2. Kanika. Divya Venkatasubramaniam, better known as "Kanika", has just gotten out of two successful films: Bhagyadevatha and Pazhassi Raja. She, like Anu Hasan, is also a television anchor. Unlike many other Tamil actresses, she is comparatively young (born on July 3 1982).
  3. Lakshmi Rai. Even younger than Kanika is Lakshmi Rai; born in 1989 she is now one of the leading actors in the Malayalam film industry. Being one of the hot Tamil actresses, she also boasts many glamour shots that definitely compliment the stunning media personality.
  4. Mayoori. Sadly, this beauty of Tamil actresses ended her life in 2005 at the age of 22. Although, posthumously, let it be known that she was in a lot of great Tamil and Indian films prior to her untimely death. She is a reminder, to many fans, of fading beauty in the world.
  5. Padmapriya Janakiraman. Both an actor and model, it behooves us to select Padmapriya as one of our favorite hot Tamil actresses. She was born on February 28, 1980; Padmapriya's passion for acting is what makes her so famous.

Southern India is ripe with the talents of Tamil actresses, actors, models, and media personalities just waiting to be picked up by notable outlets. It's not just Tamil actress that have all the talent (and beauty), after all.

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