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. A . C AIDS Fund M . A . C Cosmetics has 5 hot Viva Glam Spokesmodels to help them promote their AIDS fund which was implemented in 1995. The M . A . C AIDS Fund provides different services for those who are HIV positive or have developed full-blown AIDS. These services include providing child care while a parent is at a doctor’s appointment, and providing medical supplies such as blood testing strips for those who need them, among other things. The M . A . C AIDS Fund also buys a pair of shoes for children who have been orphaned by AIDS. And, because the best way to prevent AIDS is to allow those who choose to be sexually active to practice safe sex, the M . A . C AIDS Fund also supplies condoms, both male and female. Every penny from M . A . C  Cosmetics lip products sold goes directly to the fund to pay for these services.

Here are 5 hot Viva Glam Spokesmodels who are actively involved in promoting the M . A . C AIDS Fund:

  1. Lady GaGa:  Lady GaGa joined the M . A . C AIDS Fund as one of its hot Viva Glam Spokesmodels in February, 2010. Born Stefani Joanne Angelina Germanotta, Lady GaGa has sung and performed all her life, beginning at age 4, when she would use restaurant breadsticks to “conduct” the “orchestra”—music that was being playing in the restaurant where her family often dined. Lady GaGa won early admission to a prestigious School Of Fine Arts in New York City and was signed at age 20 to write songs for different singers and groups, even before releasing her own first album. She is known for such hits as “Telephone” and “Poker Face.”
  2. Cyndi Lauper: Like Lady GaGa,  Cyndi (real name Cynthia Ann Stephanie Lauper Thornton) joined the M . A . C AIDS Fund as one of the newest of the hot Viva Glam Spokesmodels. Cyndi started her musical career playing guitar and writing songs at age 12. In the mid ‘70s, she began performing as a vocalist with various cover bands. This continued until she severely damaged her vocal cords, which took one year of therapy to heal. Afterward, she then formed a band, Blue Angel, in 1980, but went solo in 1983. Cyndi sings songs such as “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” and she does, but she wants them to do it safely. However, because AIDS can and does happen, she is happy to support M . A . C AIDS Fund.
  3. Eve:  Eve Jihan Jeffers became one of the M . A . C AIDS Fund’s hot Viva Glam Spokesmodels in 2006. Her rap career began when she met Dr. Dre after moving to Los Angeles. Besides her singing, Eve has also appeared in a number of movies, including a brief role in “XXX” and the movie “Barbershop.”
  4. Lisa Marie Presley is also proud as one of M . A . C AIDS Fund hot Viva Glam Spokesmodels since 2006. The daughter of Elvis Presley, she is a singer/songwriter in her own right. Lisa Marie maintains strict control in her career; she will not do something just because someone else thinks it would be “a good thing for her." Although Lisa Marie is active in other charities including The Presley Charitable Foundation, an organization separate from the one founded by her father, “The Elvis Presley Charitable Foundation,” she is happy to join M . A . C AIDS Fund in its fight against AIDS.
  5. Fergie:  Stacy Ferguson takes her role as one of the hot Viva Glam Spokesmodels seriously. She has chosen to focus on 15-24 year-olds who already have contracted or will contract AIDS, and therefore can and will receive the support of the M . A . C AIDS Fund. Fergie got her start on the TV program "Kids Incorporated." Her first band was Wild Orchid, after which she joined the Black Eyed Peas, before going solo in September, 2006.



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