5 Hot Volleyball Gold Medal Winners

Tone, fit bodies paired with great attitudes are attributes these five hot volleyball gold medal winners all possess. These five gold medal winners all play volleyball in spandex bras and tight fitting bottoms that always show off the players' hot bodies. Tan from playing volleyball in the sun or naturally tan, these five hot volleyball gold medal winners are both great at the game and great to watch while playing the game.

  1. Misty May-Treanor. The hottest volleyball gold medal winner is also the most known United States volleyball player, Misty May-Treanor. Two time Olympic gold medalist in beach volleyball, Misty won medals at the 2004 Athens game and the 2008 Beijing game. Misty's hot and sexy body was going to be on season seven of "Dancing with the Stars" until an Achilles tendon injury forced her to withdraw from the competition.
  2. Jaqueline Carvalho. Jaqueline won her first gold medal as part of the Brazilian Women's volleyball team during the 2008 Beijing games. Born in 1983, Jaqueline Carvalho has long brown hair, brown eyes, and naturally tan skin paired with the girl next door look which makes her one of the hottest volleyball gold medal winners. Her volleyball career started with the Brazilian National Team in a game against Portugal, and went on to receive Best Receiver at the 2006 World Championship in Japan.
  3. Sandra Pires. Olympic gold medalist at the 1996 Atlanta beach volleyball games, Sandra Pires makes the list of hottest winners. Born in Rio de Janeiro, Sandra partnered with Jackie Silva for the Olympic games in Atlanta and went on to play the 2000 Olympic games in Sydney where she won the Bronze medal.
  4. Kerri Pottharst. Starting out her volleyball career at the age of fifteen, Kerri Pottharst has become a well known Australian female athlete because of her 2000 gold medal win at the Sydney Olympics. Beach volleyball won Kerri the gold medal but she started off playing on the hard court until a knee injury forced her to play in the sand. Kerri Pottharst has blonde hair, and blue-green eyes but it's her tall, lean, toned body that secures her spot as one of the hottest volleyball gold medal winners.
  5. Sheilla Castro. Brazilian volleyball player Sheilla Castro won a gold medal in the 2008 Beijing games as part of the Brazil team on hard court. Ranking as the most valuable player at FIVB World Grand Prix 2006, Sheilla Castro went on to win gold medals at the 2008 Final Four Cup in Fortaleza,and the 2009 Pan-American Cup in Miami. Sheilla Castro is one of the hottest volleyball players who has won a gold medal because of her long brown hair, naturally tan skin, legs for miles, and winning smile.


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