5 Hot Women Golfers

The 5 hot women golfers are those who will distract from how boring watching golf is. They may even make you look at a nine iron in a totally different way.

  1. Sophie Sandolo. Sophie Sandolo is the hottest woman golfer because of this simple fact: she has skin and doesn't mind showing some of it: She actually has a partially nude calendar that she faithfully releases each and every year! Just for that, she is truly a sympathetic woman who cares about the deepest, darkest desires of her male fans everywhere. Golf fans in the US may not know her too well yet because she's Italian, but that can all change if you get your hands all over her calendar.
  2. Anna Rawson. Rawson likes to pose in pictures…provocatively. As in, with her cute little tush and come-hither look pointed straight at the camera. To boot, Rawson may not be a bad golfer either, seeing as how she just joined the PGA Tour in 2009 while continuing to model. That sounds like the definition of a true trooper.
  3. Natalie Gulbis. If you like your golfers to also be guest actresses, then this Gulbis gal is just the gal for you. She is a hot woman golfer who has guest-starred on "CSI" (which means that she actually may have been in the vicinity as Marg Helgenberger walked past her!!!) and also on "Celebrity Apprentice." Oh yeah, she also likes to pose in skimpy bathing suits for men to worship her Greek goddess-like beauty. Rawr.
  4. Sandra Gal. This gal is one hot woman golfer; she was chosen for "ESPN The Magazine's" curvy and arousing Body Issue. If you have ever seen her in just a bikini, striking a pose, and making direct eye contact, you'll know exactly why she's a hot woman golfer! In addition to striking pinup girl-like poses, this career-minded gal also had a fabulous 2009 in golf, leading a few tournaments in that year.
  5. Kim Hall. The fifth-best hot woman golfer is none other than Kim Hall because she is a Stanford graduate just like Tiger Woods. While she does not share Woods' appetite for affairs, this hot woman golfer gal likes to pose in photos wearing nothing but a bikini. That makes this ultra-pretty young lady even more appealing. Yes, it does.
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