5 Hottest American Apparel Models

The 5 hottest American Apparel models embody the near-explicit sex appeal of their ad campaign. In marketing his company, American Apparel don Dov Charney has always been provocative, with young-looking models coming close to heroin chic sporting the mass market hipster garb the company is known for. The hottest American Apparel models look like girls you might see at an indie rock show; they're just the sexiest ones there. The hottest American Apparel models could be the girl next door, but only if you live in Williamsburg or Silver Lake. Take a look at the hottest American Apparel models, and see if you're thinking about the clothes they're promoting.

  1. Lauren Phoenix One of the most provocative Am Appy ad campaigns centered around their striped tube socks, and Lauren Phoenix was the girl who "loves her socks." Posing wearing nothing else, in strategic positions, Ms. Phoenix has caused many a male eye to wander when reading Vice Magazine. She's not just one of the hottest American Apparel models; she's also a porn star.
  2. Jillian This redhead has modeled many a clothing item for AA. Fans may know her from some bikini modeling that makes Sports Illustrated look prude.
  3. Kyung A Korean-American employee, Kyung has also shown up in a number of shoots. She's a favorite for connoisseurs of the hottest American Apparel models.
  4. Xochielt Quite the name, and quite the girl. Tube socks and undies and nothing more make her one of the hottest American Apparel models.
  5. Ashley and Lindsay Really, they should count as two, but they're twins. And hot. And modeling for American Apparel. What more could you ask for? Two of the hottest American Apparel models for the price of one.
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