5 Hottest Blonde Guess Models

If you love only the finest in women, then you need to know about the 5 hottest blonde Guess models. These ladies, who many consider to be the hottest blonde Guess models, have become famous modeling quite possibly the most famous womens' jeans in the entire world. Add to that that these women are simply stunning examples of what people should be looking like. With these hottest blonde Guess models, it's really impossible to go wrong.

  1. Landi Swanepoel. This statuesque beauty queen hails from South Africa and is easily one of the hottest blonde Guess models ever. Her slim frame is juxtaposed by a large bust and hips that could kill a man, making her perfect for modeling a sexy pair of jeans. She's also been prominently featured in the South African version of "Sports Illustrated."
  2. Victoria Silvstedt. This leggy blonde hails from Sweden, which pretty much guarantees her hotness. This bombshell has an hourglass figure, platinum blonde locks, and amazing assets that have won her the spot of Miss Sweden, Playmate of the Year, and Woman of the Year on the "Maxim" 2002 list. She was in the under appreciated comedy "Out Cold" but  tragically followed that up by starring in "Boat Trip."
  3. Camilla Vest. This Danish beauty is not one to me trifled with. She's starred in photo shoots for "Eurowoman," "Elle," "New Woman," and "Shape." Her amazing figure, sparkling blue eyes, and dazzling smile make her one of the hottest blonde Guess models ever.
  4. Lisa Marie Schneider. Sporting curves that would make a racetrack jealous and a signature pout, this Cape Town native is a force to be reckoned with in the fashion world. She's starred in campaigns for Gaspardi, Levis, Speedo, Pringles, and even Playstation. She's also graced the pages of magazines such as "GQ," "Maxim," "Arena," "Elle," and "Glamour."
  5. Anna Nicole Smith. Despite, or maybe because of, her famous fall from grace, she's still one of the hottest blonde Guess models to date. Known equally for her on-screen antics and public meltdowns as she was for her sizzling photos and voluptuous form, this blonde beauty has famously battled weight gain, depression, and a slew of bitter in-laws in high-profile court cases. Even though she's since passed, Anna Nicole Smith's legend has already outstripped her natural life.

Counting down the 5 hottest blonde Guess models is a lot harder than it may sound. There are so many hotties who have filled in that denim over the years, picking just five of them was a Herculean feat unto itself. While there have been many ladies who have graced magazine ads and billboards, there are only a few who we can assuredly say were the hottest blonde Guess models ever.

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