5 Hottest Bond Girls Ever

Dive into a world of sexy girl power with the five hottest Bond girls ever. It takes a very special kind of woman to be a Bond girl. She can't be just another pretty face. She needs to be smart, dangerous, sexy and armed with a body that you would kill to get next to. Part of the success behind the James Bond films isn't just the explosions or James Bond's smooth delivery, its the Bond girls. Every time a new Bond film comes out the first thing everyone wants to know is who the new Bond girl will be, and these are the five best in Bond history.

  1. Honey Ryder ("Dr. No, 1962"). Played by the amazing Ursula Andress, Honey Ryder was the first Bond girl. Her entrance into the film, coming out of the water in a tiny white bikini, set the bar for all of the Bond girls to come. 
  2. Pussy Galore ("Goldfinger" 1964). Pussy Galore is beautiful, smart and as tough as any man. But not even the fearsome fighter pilot could stand-up to the brutal charm of James Bond.
  3. Plenty O'Toole ("Diamonds are Forever" 1971). She doesn't have a lot of screen time in the movie, but the way she bends over that table in that purple dress, and  cheerfully introduces herself makes for a magnificent entrance.
  4. Holly Goodhead ( "Moonraker" 1979). As a NASA scientist , Holly Goodhead is one of the smartest Bond girls. She uses her smarts to help James Bond put the bad guys away and that killer body to snag some time in his bed.
  5. Jinx ("Die Another Day" 2002). "Die Another Day" was one of the more lackluster Bond movies and Pierce Brosnan was the worst James Bond to wear the title 007. But watching Halle Berry as Jinx, in her orange bikini makes it worth sitting through.
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