5 Hottest British Female Athletes

These are the 5 hottest British female athletes. There many are hot female athletes in Great Britain. You don’t hear a lot about them, but they are walking the beaches of Europe. Take a good look and you won’t be disappointed. The five hottest British female athletes will make you turn around to get another look at their beauty.

  1. Victoria Pendleton. Victoria Pendleton is a female British cyclist. She is good on the bike, but looks better in a bathing suit. Victoria Pendleton is 29 years old and is a sexy cyclist from Great Britain. She is one of the hottest British female athletes.
  2. Catherine Murphy. Catherine Murphy was great at the 200 and 400 meters. She made it to the Olympics in 2004, where her team lost the relay. Catherine Murphy is 35 years old and she looks very sexy in a bathing suit. Catherine Murphy is an athletic beauty and a hot British athlete.
  3. Kelly Sotherton. Kelly Sotherton was the bronze medalist in the 2004 Olympic Games in heptathlon. Kelly has long legs and looks sexy in a bathing suit. Kelly Sotherton is an athletic babe from Great Britain. Kelly is 33 years old and she is one of the hottest British female athletes. She still hopes to compete in the 2010 Olympic Games.
  4. Jo Fenn. Jo Fenn has a pretty face. She is cute, perky, sexy, and hot. Jo Fenn is also the world indoor 800 meters bronze medalist. She made it to the 2004 Olympics. Jo Fenn has been plagued by injuries, which has hampered her sports career, but this has not taken anything away from her beauty. Jo Fenn is one of the hottest British female athletes.
  5. Jade Johnson. Jade Johnson was born in 1980. She competes in the long jump for Great Britain. Jade Johnson finished seventh in the long jump in the 2004 Olympic Games. Jade is a long, lean, hot British female Athlete. Jade Johnson looks beautiful in a dress and sexy in a bathing suit. She is one of the hottest British female athletes.
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