5 Hottest ‘Californication’ Episodes

David Duchovany has the raciest show on cable–and that’s saying a lot, so it wasn’t easy to pick just a handful of entries for the list of 5 hottest “Californication” episodes. Duchovany plays Hank Moody, a sex-addicted writer turned college professor who always manages to find new partners in crime. While you wait for Season 4 to premiere later this year, why not rent the DVDs and check out these super sexy shows.

  1. “Pilot.” The “Californication” pilot sets the tone for the entire series and tops the list of the five hottest “Californiation” episodes. All bets were off when the show kicked off with a hot nun fantasy. Then they shockingly took an even more disturbing turn when Hank had a one night stand hook-up with a much younger woman. The fact that the fling turned into a major plot point that carried across the first three seasons made it clear, Hank Moddy is a sex addict and the audience was going to see him “struggle” with his “problem”–a lot.
  2. “The Devil’s Threesome.”The tenth episode of Season 1 was the most controversial entry on the list of hottest “Californication” episodes. The show, which featured a threesome between Hank, Charlie, and a woman they met at the gym, was so graphic that the Australian Communications and Media Authority could not give the episode a Mature Audiences (MA) rating–and there was an edited version for the Aussie channel TEN.
  3. "Vaginatown." This Season 2 addition to the list of the five hottest “Californication” episodes found Hank in bed with a TV cooking show star and, in her own words, “Hank makes Chloe Metz his little cupcake.”
  4. “Zoso.”Season 3 found Hank teaching at the local University and it was fertile ground to find one of the five hottest “Californication” episodes. But it was the season’s fourth show that made the list. Hank found himself the target of three women–Jill, his teaching assistant; Felica, his boss’ wife; and Jackie, his student. Yes, the character names were a nod to the Warren Beatty movie “Shampoo.” Let the lap dancing begin.
  5. “Glass Houses.” Hank wasn’t the only one getting the action on the list of five hottest “Californication” episodes. One of the best episodes of Season 3, “Glass Houses” featured Rick Springfield as himself and when the ‘80s pop star started an affair with Marcy, Hank warned her husband Charlie, “Rick Springfield is in there stealing your girl. Not Jesse's girl. Your girl.” Sometimes humor is hot.
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