5 Hottest Celebrities Without Makeup

If you really want to know which stars are natural beauties, check out the 5 hottest celebrities without makeup. These stars don’t need to spend hours in the makeup chair to look fresh and sexy. Even when they’re out grocery shopping or working out, they manage to look gorgeous.

  1. Gisele Bundchen This Brazilian super model is the envy of every woman for many reasons. First, she gave birth to her son and immediately got back to her svelte figure within weeks. Second, she’s married to Tom Brady. Third, the girl can wear absolutely no makeup at all and still look like a total sex symbol. She definitely makes the list of hottest celebrities without makeup.
  2. Keira Knightley This actress is a fresh-faced, natural beauty even if she doesn’t wear any makeup and has her hair up in a ponytail. Without a stitch of makeup, Knightly looks like the beautiful girl next door and even appears a little more relatable. Whether she is glammed up in makeup and a gown or just going out for coffee, she always looks beautiful.
  3. Monica Belluci This Italian actress and model stripped down for the French Elle Magazine No, she didn’t strip her clothes; she participated in a photo shoot with no makeup on. She might be pushing 46 years old, but Belluci put twenty-something women with all their makeup to shame. Her olive complexion was stunning and showed off all her best features, making her one of the hottest celebrities without makeup.
  4. Jessica Biel This knockout has a very fresh-faced appeal; with her beautifully shaped face and green eyes, she doesn’t need much makeup to look great. Even with no makeup at all she turns head as a hot celebrity. Biel was even featured in People Magazine’s most Beautiful People section under “stars without makeup” in 2008.
  5. Salma Hayek This Mexican actress has not only a great body, but a wonderful complexion. She always plays up her natural features with her makeup, but even without one bit of makeup, she still looks gorgeous and is one of the hottest celebrities without makeup. Plus, you’d never guess that she was 44 years old!
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