5 Hottest Celebrity Sex Scandal Videos

We all seem to be interested in all the latest celebrity scandals, but the best ones are the 5 hottest celebrity sex scandal videos. Whether you are interested in watching videos from hip hop hunnies, or the girl next door, they're all here! Who knows why they do it; maybe for publicity, or maybe it really was a mistake. No one will ever know but them, however, it is fun for us to watch these celebrities doing the dirty in their beds.

  1. Kim Kardashian & Ray J This R&B singer, teamed up with former girlfriend, Kim Kardashian made one of the hottest sex tapes around. When it leaked on the Internet, it was every mans dream to see Kim Kardashian in the act, and every woman's fantasy to see this R&B singer's package details. Although it has only been around for a few years, it is still popular amongst many, watching these two beautiful celebrities doing the deed in their shared bed. Kim Kardashian never looked so delicious, and Ray J never looked so delightful in this top rated celebrity sex scandal videos.
  2. Paris Hilton, "One Night In Paris" Presumably done as a career booster, Paris Hilton made a video sex tape in a hotel room with a man that she knew. As she bared her body and did many dirty deeds, she was well known for this tape. This platinum blonde beauty looked so pretty on the screen, and left no man's imagination to wonder with everything that she did in this celebrity sex scandal video.
  3. Pamela Anderson & Tommy Lee This rock star couple was known for their interesting lifestyle. Pamela Anderson having some of the biggest breasts around, while Tommy Lee being a sought after rock star, this couple made celebrity sex scandal videos mean something when their videos aired in many homes through computers and DVD throughout the nation.
  4. Shauna Sand This bombshell blonde did bare it all in this video, knowing the it would make her more famous. With her curvy body, and round butt and breasts, she was known as one of the hottest sex tape scandals around when it comes to celebrities. You can view plenty of previews online of this celebrity sex scandal videos.
  5. Jimi Hendrix Yes, he may be forgotten by many now, but watch as this chocolate male takes on all sorts of beautiful white women in this video. It may not be of the best quality since it is older, however, you will still be able to see everything that goes on in this tape, no matter what the women do to him, and what he does to those lovely women in these celebrity sex scandal videos.
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