5 Hottest Female Athletes In Playboy

To be considered one of 5 hottest female athletes in Playboy can be an honor or a curse depending on who you ask. When a female athlete is seen at a mainstream level as beautiful and fit, they are occasionally asked to consider a spread in the gentleman's magazine Playboy. There have been many female athletes to pose in the long running monthly publication. Those who accept the invitation are seen as more than a swimmer, skater, or even a professional wrestler after the magazine is sent to print and featured on newsstands around the world. Here are some of the hottest athletes to ever pose for Playboy and some interesting facts about them.

  1. Katarina Witt. Olympic Ice Skater. Playboy edition: December 1998. Witt not only earned a Gold metal in Ice Skating, she also earns a Gold Metal in posing in Playboy. Christmas 1998 was a good season to pick up a copy , but you might not have noticed the scenery behind her in the spread as she was featured beside beautiful waterfalls. Katarina's stretching and prancing drove buyers nuts as her spread was only the second ever sold out copy of Playboy ( the first was the debut issue featuring Marilyn Monroe). That fact gives her the top spot in the five hottest athletes in Playboy.
  2. Gabrielle Reece. Volleyball. Playboy edition: January 2001. Reece's features in Elle, Women's Sports and Fitness, and Life magazines propelled her into the position to be featured in Playboy. Reece was a serious Volleyball player as she was named the WBVL kills leader from 1993-1996. Her Playboy cover headlines states “ Superjock Gabrielle Reece” and shows her left arm across her breasts as her athletic body glistens. Her spread gives her a spot in the five hottest athletes in Playboy.
  3. Mia St. John. Boxer/Tae Kwon Do. Playboy edition: November 1999. Coving her breasts with Boxing gloves and sporting red satin Boxing shorts on the cover, St. John was one the legimate sports stars to ever grace Playboy. Her laundry list of Boxing titles include: IFBA Lightweight Champion, WBC International Female Welterweight Champion, and IBA Continental Lightweight Champion. St. John is one woman who men should not be messing with inside or outside the ring. Her toughness and beauty gives her the number three spot in the five hottest athletes in Playboy.
  4. Amanda Beard. Swimmer. Playboy edition: July 2007. With a white bikini bottom and the ever present pose of the left arm over the breasts, she still seems engaging against the bright yellow cover. This Olympic swimmer showed the reader another breast stroke that she knows. Beard poses nude in a PETA ad also, giving her extra points to animal lovers everywhere. She also gets the fourth spot in the five hottest athletes in Playboy.
  5. Joanie Laurer. Pro Wrestler. Playboy edition: October 8, 2007. Laurer started out as a female bodybuilder before switching to professional wrestling in the 1990's as Chyna, female bodyguard to Triple H and Shawn Michaels. She won a few titles there and became a mainstream name when she became the first female I-C Champion in the WWE. Laurer posed in Playboy twice, possessing the most unique body to ever be shown in the magazine. Laurer grabs the final spot in the five hottest athletes in Playboy.
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