5 Hottest Female Nude Strippers In Movies

Guys, who haven't seen the five hottest female nude strippers in movies are really missing out on something special. Grab some buddies, some beer, and some popcorn and enjoy hot female nude strippers in these movies. We give you the five hottest female nude strippers in movies.

  1. Demi Moore in "Striptease." If there is a straight guy alive that hasn't seen this movie, then he is probably in a coma. In this movie Demi Moore plays a character who loses custody of her daughter. In order to make money to win her daughter back, Moore's character turns to stripping to make money. Moore's, character than gets messed up with a bad guy to blackmail a congressman in order to win back custody of her daughter.
  2. Lindsay Lohan in "I know Who Killed Me." Once guys see Lohan strip in this movie, they won't care if she has a drinking problem or not. Besides being a hot female nude stripper, Lohan also does an amazing job acting in this movie. This movie is a psychological thriller that both men and women will enjoy.
  3. Salma Hayek in "From Dusk till Dawn." There is probably nothing hotter than a female nude stripper in a movie that is also a vampire. To make things even hotter Hayek first dances with a huge snake in this movie. Salma Hayek might not have had a huge role in this movie, but she sure had a memorable one.
  4. Jamie Lee Curtis in "True Lies." Okay, so Curtis isn't twenty in this movie, but who cares, because she is still one hot female nude stripper in a movie. Here Curtis proves that a women can look good naked at any age.  Besides being hot and steamy, the stripping scene in this movie is pretty funny.
  5. Natalie Portman in "Closer." Natalie is hot all the time but when she is playing a hot female nude stripper in this move she is just smokin'. Guys who see Portman on the stripper pole are glad that they can't get the image out of their heads. Two other great actors, Julia Roberts and Jude Law, are also in the movie.
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