5 Hottest Female Politicians

We’ve heard it said that politics is showbiz for the ugly, making no room for hot female politicians to shine. There is a lot of truth to that statement, but the facts on the ground are beginning to change.  The list of luscious lady legislators is beginning to grow to the point where we may be seeing a Hottest Female Politicians calendar soon. Popular culture continues to point out that in front of the camera, beauty and sex rule, so why should it be any different in politics?  These hot female politicians in the United States are heating up the political stage with more than just their brains:

Sarah Palin “Drill baby drill.”  If fame adds to sex appeal, Palin has the former in spades. For someone who is already a grandmother, this long on looks former Alaskan governor turned political firecracker only ages like a fine French wine.

Annazette Collins Looks and legislation go hand in hand where Representative Collins is concerned.  A member of the Illinois House of Representatives, this hottie female politician looks like she would be more at home in front of a Vogue Magazine photographer than a House cloakroom. But hey, brains are sexy in our book too.

Kacie Starr Triplett As an Alderwoman for St. Louis’s 6th ward, Kacie is one of the youngest elected officials in her city’s history.  This female politician is not just hot, she’s got a classy look that not only gets the job done in the Alderman board room, but would get her a VIP invite into any A-list nightclub in Hollywood.

M. Teresa Ruiz This lovely lady with license to legislate has been the representative senator for New Jersey’s 29th district since 2008.  Whoever ran against Ruiz had as much chance of winning as an old Dodge Dart on race day.  God bless America for its lovely Latinas.

Joy Cooper Or more aptly named for this feature, Joy Cougar. There is something to be said for a classy older woman in terms of sex appeal. Mayor Cooper of Hallandale Beach, Florida not only handles that bill, but also those she signs off on in city legislation.    

Oh, what we wouldn’t give to be part of the press core at one of these pretty politico’s Q & A’s with a follow up question of, “What are you doing after work?”  We know we're contributing to America’s obsession with youth and beauty, so what. We see it more as giving these hot female politicians props for being the whole package, brains AND beauty.

Honorable mentions:

  • Amy Wicks
  • Heidi Gansert
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