5 Hottest Guess Ad Campaign Models

The 5 hottest Guess ad campaign models are not necessarily household names. Guess Jeans has been notorious for having hot and luscious models sporting their jeans. They boast models with great curves and perfect asses to fit in their jean selection. A worldwide phenomenon and insanely popular, Guess Jeans show no signs of losing ground. For this, the manufacturer is always looking for hot models. Fresh sexy faces to adorn their jeans and some how Guess always comes through. These five hottest Guess jeans models are just that hot. Guess Jeans seem to incorporate sex into everything they do and they do it well. It is no wonder Guess Jeans hold the reputation they do.

  1. Tori Prayer: this hottie will have you saying a prayer. To thank whomever you want for producing such a perfect body and adorable faced kitten. This California born cutie is sleek, tanned and sexy. Her appeal is universal and she lingers sex for hours wherever she has been.
  2. Victoria Silvstedt: is a 1990s mega model with looks that make you want to move to her native Sweden. This well-bodied vixen is a multitalented beauty. She is an actor, model and singer and holds the key to many a heart. She is your quintessential Swedish Queen that provides a warm spot deep inside of every male.
  3. Adriana Lima: provides Brazilian sex appeal and a perfect body to the mix. This renowned Victoria Secret model did much work with Guess Jeans. Her lovely curves, captivating face and style were perfect for jeans (even though we adore her in panties). Her pout is mesmerizing and her curves burn deed within the jeans of many-many males.
  4. Kim Smith: is the perfect Guess Jeans model for the guy in love with the girl next door. Yes, she has a wildly sexy body, long sleek and attention grabbing. Just as appealing is her fresh and beautiful face. She is lovely by all imagination but her face brings a calm and wanting sexual undertone that leads anyone to feel like they too have an opportunity to get to know her.
  5. Anna Nicole Smith: is a retro mega goddess. Back in the day there was no one else like her. She was the Marilyn Monroe of our time. Although she is no longer with us and had “issues” towards the end, you still cannot deny the beauty of Anna. She held a body that was adored, a smile that melted hearts and brought out utter sexual desire. She certainly was an icon.
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