5 Hottest Hugh Hefner Twins

How in the world can we pick the 5 hottest Hugh Hefner twins? Hugh Hefner has dedicated his life to finding and photographing some of the most beautiful women in the world. If only Pamela Anderson had a twin this task might be slightly less daunting. It would be a lie if it was said that the research for the five hottest Hef doubles wasn't an enjoyable endeavor. Here you go—the picks for the five hottest Hugh Hefner twins to ever wade around the grotto.

  1. The Campbell twins How would you describe Jennifer and Natalie Jo? Big, beautiful blue eyes and big, beautiful perfect breasts. These hot Hefner twins are sporting some backsides you want to eat your dinner off of. Not to mention two sets of the nicest um… lips you could hope to taste. That about sums it up. These ladies graced the pages of "Playboy" in December 2008. They were a hell of Christmas present. Noel, Noel!
  2. The Bernaola Twins Misses January 2000. What a way to start the New Year. "Sexy" is an understatement. Darlene and Carol are two of the hottest Hefner chicks ever. The twins aren't skinny like traditional models—these girls definitely fill out their clothes. Perfect booties. Perfect. And some of the best looking 32 Cs you'll ever see. There should be a law against them wearing clothes.
  3. The Shannon sisters Karissa and Kristina are smokin' hot. So hot, in fact, that Hef added them to his list of girlfriends. These girls appeared in the July 2009 edition of "Playboy." They single, or double, handedly aided in the emptying of guys' lotion bottles all over the country. Their sporty bodies and blonde hair are like men magnets. Gorgeous. Simply gorgeous.
  4. Nathalie and Stephanie These statuesque beauties are breathtaking, blond nuclear bombshells. Their bodies are flawless. It's no wonder why they were chosen as some of the hottest Hugh Hefner twins ever. You'd most certainly want to do nasty things with these girls, but hold on! They're both married. Oh, well.
  5. The Barbi twins Yeah, yeah. Their breasts are enhanced. Yeah they've got enough plastic in their skin to really be sold by Mattel. But when these two appeared in "Playboy" back in September 1991, you know you fired off a few rounds. They were the definition of hard bodies. When you saw those bodies you were definitely hard.
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