5 Hottest ‘L Word’ Scenes

When considering girl-on-girl action, nothing is sexier than these 5 hottest “The L Word” scenes. These scenes feature the hot ladies of the Showtime hit "The L Word" showing off their best assets. Many of the scenes leave nothing to the imagination, while some leave everything to it. Regardless of the setting, each of these scenes left a blazing memory with its viewers as being amongst the hottest of the “The L Word” scenes.

  1. Bette and Candace, season one. This jail scene has been listed by several sites as one of the hottest scenes in spite of the lack of physical contact. Bette and Candace show just how far your mind can take you when oral contact is all you have.
  2. Jenny and Carmen, season two. Jenny and Carmen take the concept of water play to the next level in this steamy season two scene. Even if you are not into the kink yourself, you cannot help but enjoy these two women living their own special water fetish. It's no wonder that this scene is listed as one of the top 5 hottest.
  3. Jenny and Nicky, season five. One of the very first scenes of its kind outside of the adult movie industry. The use of girl-on-girl, plus a strap-on, is amazingly well done in this top scene. The scene leaves nothing to the imagination, but that really doesn't hurt anything. This brings a whole new twist to girl-on-girl action.
  4. Shane and Cameron, season two finale. The season two finale features Shane and Cameron giving the fans just what they wanted and needed for two seasons. It is the perfect anticipation builder and a no-brainer for the top 5 hottest “The L Word” scenes.
  5. Marina and Jenny, season one. Let the cheating begin! After four years of happily-ever-after, Jenny finally decides that Marina is just the person to break that cycle. Their hot scene and chemistry-heavy build up is simply astounding and a sure topper for this top five list.

Regardless of what your appetite is for girl-on-girl action, the “The L Word” definitely brings it. It showcases fetish, kink and all the dark desires that all of us have. No matter what your sexual preference or romantic desire, this show seems to bring it. It's no wonder that some of the hottest sex scenes are also the top 5 hottest “The L Word” scenes.

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