5 Hottest Marissa From ‘The OC’ Moments

The 5 hottest Marissa from "The OC" moments are some of the reasons people love watching primetime soap operas in the first place. "The OC" was the hot primetime teen soap on FOX, running from 2003 to 2007. Marissa's character was integral to the success of the show because after her character was killed off at the end of the third season, ratings careened the following seasons and "The OC" soon became "The Cancelled."

  1. Marissa gets killed. Marisa getting killed is likely what ended up killing "The OC;" that's why it gets established as the hottest Marissa moment. Surfer bad boy Volchok rams Ryan and Marissa's vehicle off the road and while Ryan escapes with barely any injuries, Marissa got the short end of the stick. She is left clinging to life and dies in Ryan's arms. Mischa Barton wanted out of "The OC" badly enough that the writers accommodated her with a cheesy exit but one that's memorable nonetheless.
  2. Marissa almost dies in Tijuana. In the first several episodes of season one, Marissa almost died! If you noticed that the theme of mortality surrounding Marissa is oft-repeated on "The OC," give yourself a self high five because Marissa was one screwed-up character with lots of family instability and substance abuse problems; the writers played it up for every bit it was worth. It seems that Marissa attempted to overdose in one of those welcoming Tijuana alleys after seeing her boyfriend, waterpolo-playing bad boy with a gay father, Luke, making out with another girl, Holly.
  3. Marissa almost gets raped by Trey. Again, massively distressing experiences were common for Marissa on "The OC," which is why it was finally sweet mercy when she was finally killed off (That way, her fictional character wouldn't have to suffer.). Trey–another OC bad boy–is Ryan's ex-convict brother and Marissa was only doing what every decent, teenage girl would do for the ex-convict brother of the guy she's dating: Be so nice to him so he thinks you're into him! Sadly for Marissa, Trey mistakes her niceness as real romantic interest and begins to show that the same interest the only way ex-convict bad boys know how. By the physical act of an attempted rape (the fact that he was drugged up at the time probably didn't help things either)! Luckily, Marissa escapes by cracking Trey over the forehead with a piece of wood.
  4. Marissa gets held hostage by Oliver. Marissa, Marissa, Marissa…tsk, tsk, tsk. If it's not overdoses, deaths or near-rapes you're always getting yourself into, it's hostage situations! Continuing her character's doomed luck of always being attracted to bad boys from "The OC," Marissa formed a psychological bond with bad boy rich kid, Oliver, (and mental patient, too) while meeting him in one of the most romantic places on the planet: their psychiatrist's office while both of them were getting some much-needed professional help. It seems Marissa ought to have listened to then-boyfriend Ryan's repeat warnings about slightly off-kilter Oliver or else she wouldn't have gotten herself held hostage in Oliver's luxury penthouse suite with him holding a gun at her and threatening suicide.
  5. Marissa rejects Johnny's feelings of affection. In season three, the writers introduced Johnny, a sad sack of a perennially down-on-his-luck surfer who you just thought of as a lonely little puppy. Seems like Johnny developed feelings for Marissa over the course of the season–probably due to her doting on him like a nurse would when he broke his foot after getting run down by a car, but she rejected him coldly. Poor Marissa, she couldn't do anything right as sad sack, lonely, little puppies like Johnny don't handle rejection too well at all. After her rejection, Johnny went out to the local beach and celebrated by getting himself wasted on alcohol, climbing a big rock, slipping and killing himself.
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