5 Hottest Nude Black Females

There are millions of hot black females and more of them are joining the ranks of the hottest nude black females as they disrobe for magazine shoots or nude scenes in TV shows or movies. Hollywood was slow to make the most a black female's physical assets, but in recent years the public's demand for hot women has been satisfied as some of the hottest nude black females have received more coverage. Popular magazines have introduced the world to many stunningly black women who are at their sexiest when completely nude. The modelling industry often requires the hottest females to go nude, which can only be a good thing.

  1. Tyra Banks There are many contenders for the list of the hottest nude black females, but there can only be one winner and it has to be supermodel-turned-TV host Tyra Banks. She got upset a few years ago when some people suggested she had gained a little extra junk in the trunk, but even at her heaviest she has the body to turn any man's head. She has breasts that must rank as among the biggest in the modeling world and a flawless body. The less she talks and the less she wears, the happier the men of the world will be. 
  2. Naomi Campbell Another model and another one of the hottest nude black females. She is taller and slimmer than Tyra Banks, but just because she is slim, it does not mean she disappoints in the all important boob category. She cannot match the more voluptuous Tyra for cleavage, but she does have an impressive looking rack. Her long legs could keep a man entertained for hours and even taking into account her famously volatile personality, she is someone that most men would love to be alone with.  
  3. Vanessa Williams She is definitely in the veteran stage of her career, but she remains one of the hottest nude black females. She shot to prominence early in life as a beauty pageant queen, but it was the nude pictures of her appearing to be involved in a lesbian sex act that really endeared her to millions of male admirers. She has great boobs, a nice butt and is arguably the prettiest of the women in the hottest nude black females list. She was married to NBA star Rick Fox, but he foolishly let her get away. Now she's a hot cougar on "Desperate Housewives." 
  4. Halle Berry Considering that she is on the list of the hottest nude women in the history of the universe, Halle has to be among the hottest nude black females. Like the other women on the list, she has top of the line knockers that could brighten up the darkest of days. She does not appear to have a single wrinkle or ounce of fat on her entire body and she has a cute face, too. Halle is one women who should be permanently naked because if she were, the men of the world would be too distracted to have time for other pasttimes, such as starting wars or arguing about politics. 
  5. Lizette Bordeaux The least famous women on the list of the hottest nude black women and also the youngest. This stunner has the name of a French region famous for wine bottling and chances are that she popped a few corks herself when she began modeling nude for "Playboy." She has long hair and a broad smile full of angelic white teeth. Fantastic boobs and a little tattoo of a bunny on her butt are her trademarks. Whoever invented the notion of nude magazines must have known that one day Lizzie would appear on the scene and bring joy to the world. 
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