5 Hottest Topless Athletes

There's no doubt that just about every guy on the planet loves the sculpted vittles of female athletes and as proof of this, here's our list of the 5 hottest topless athletes to ever bare their breasts for the greater good.

  1. Katarina Witt Figure skater Katarina Witt is one of the most successful females to ever grace the sport, so her 1998 appearance in "Playboy" naturally caused a monumental stir in the sports world. Not only did Katarina show her breasts, but she also a full frontal pictorial! This was Playboy's first issue to sell out since Marilyn Monroe appeared in the pages back in 1953 and officially earned Katarina a place on our five hottest athletes list.
  2. Lauren Jackson Baring all in a 2004 edition of Australian art magazine known as "Black & White" was Lauren Jackson, whose sculpted assets were displayed artistically and in full. The magazine has a reputation for publishing art nudes of Australian Olympic athletes and, as we are told, it is no longer controversial to appear in its pages. Either way, miss Jackson looked plenty hot enough to appear on our five hottest athletes list!
  3. Rena Mero Remember watching WWF about a decade ago and ogling over Rena Mero's character, Sable? Well, as it turns out, you weren't alone, as Mero's 1999 appearance in "Playboy" was highest selling issue of the magazine ever! Can anyone say "Sable Bomb"?
  4. Madeleine Dupont Although no one actually knows if curling is a real sport, its topless Danish spokeswoman Madeleine Dupont can have a place on out list of the five hottest athletes any day! She appeared in a calendar dressed in panties and a smile for the sole purpose of generating interest in her sport. Whether it generated more of a buzz about Dupont herself or curling is wholly debatable.
  5. Gabrielle Reece Hot blonde Gabrielle Reece presented her sculpted volleyball physique in Playboy's January 2001 issue. She later went on to bring her hotness to various television and film roles, as well as an intriguing health video series for pregnant women. The exercise regiment must have worked because Reece still looks like an Olympian almost a decade later, making us very proud to have her on five hottest topless athletes list.
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