5 Hottest Women Kissing In Movies

The five hottest women kissing in movies seems like an easy pick, right? Well, some of the hottest women on earth agree to kiss for the betterment of movie pictures. Jennifer Tilly, Selma Blair, even Denise Richards gets topless for added effect. The women in the following movies have given us a taste of what it's like to push the envelope in American cinema without going over the edge to tasteless.

  1. Selma Blair & Sarah Michelle Gellar. “Cruel Intentions” (1999). The open mouth kiss of Selma Blair and Sarah Michelle Gellar in the park was a great visual. They kept their movements fluid and seemed like they were enjoying the kiss. Maybe that's why they call them actors. Either way, this kissing scene steals the show as one of five hottest women kissing scenes in movies.

  1. Jennifer Tilly & Gina Gershon.”Bound”(1996). In this crime noir drama there are two of the hottest women in acting kissing with ferocity as the soft and sensual Tilly comes together with the rough Gershon, as Tilly is looking for a way out of a relationship with her mob connected boyfriend. This is one of five hottest women kissing scenes in movies, and Tilly seems soft to the touch.

  1. Denise Richards & Neve Campbell.”Wild Things”(1998). Creepy Kevin Bacon watches Richards (Kelly) and Campbell (Suzie) fight and then kiss in the pool as they undress each other until both are topless. This scene gets a nod as one of five women kissing in movies because of the frontal nudity that Richards displays.

  1.  Scarlett Johansson & Penelope Cruz.”Vicky Cristina Barcelona"(2008). In this Woody Allen production, Johansson plays Cristina, one of two girlfriends on a summer holiday in Spain who fall for the same painter. Tension builds as Cruz appears mid way through the film, after her character is endlessly talked about. They have a kissing scene that lands them in the top 5 hottest women kissing in movies as they embrace and kiss for a short time.

  2. Joey Lauren Adams & Carmen Lee.”Chasing Amy”(1997). Adams plays “Amy”, a bisexual that is being chased by Holden, played by Ben Affleck. Amy plays a song for her girl and they embrace and kiss much to the shock of Holden. His pal Banky (Jason Lee) is thrilled and applauds graciously at the pair who are making out. This scene gets a spot in our five hottest women kissing in movies because of the adorable Adams.

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