5 Hour Energy Bad For You?

Are you an energy sipper who wants to know if the popular 5 hour energy bad for you? The sugar free 5 hour energy drink is known for providing a quick and long lasting boost without the after crash. 5 hour energy is popular among athletes or anyone who wants to "fly high in the friendly skies while on ground" legally. You can make the decision as to whether or not 5 hour energy drink is bad for you after reading the following.  

The best thing about 5 hour energy is its ability to keep you from "crashing." 5 hour energy drinks do not contain sugar, which prevents you from "crashing" after its effect wears off. Sugar affects glucose levels in your blood when ingested, high glucose equals high energy, but when glucose levels return to normal levels, you experience a "crash." In other words, sugar is a short term source of energy.

5 hour energy does contain caffeine (a stimulant), and if so, how much? The main source of most energy drinks is caffeine, but how much is too much caffeine? Consuming more than 500 to 600mg of caffeine daily will have side effects. Side effects of too much caffeine are light headedness, diarrhea, rapid heartbeat and even caffeine "rage." There is about 200mg of caffeine in a serving of 5 hour energy, well within the recommended daily amount of 500 to 600mg maximum.

Is 5 hour energy bad for you? 5 hour energy contains amino acids (building blocks of protein) and vitamins. 5 hour's amino acids seem to be of healthy amounts. 5 hour energy does have 2000% of the daily recommended dosage of B6 and 8333% of B12, which they say is water soluble and will be expelled without toxic effects. Drinking water is the only way to expel excessive amounts of B vitamins in your body; so you'd better be prepared to drink massive amounts of it after drinking 5 hour energy.

Can you overdose on B vitamins? Yes, you can consume too much B vitamins, which will have side effects over a long period. Side effects of consuming intolerable amounts of B vitamins over a long period are headaches, dizziness and fainting, if you get off easy. A B vitamin overdose will also cause yellowing of the skin (you'll have to walk around looking like a lemon) and temporary nerve/brain damage. B vitamin tolerance and overdose amounts are different from person to person; it could be 500mg for one person and 5000mg for another. The recommended daily dose of vitamin B6 is 40mg, and 500mcg for B12. 

As long as you are not already a heavy caffeine user, having a dose of 5 hour energy drink should not affect you.

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