5 Hour Energy Side Effects

5 Hour Energy side effects have been chronicled by a number of different people who have studied the popular energy drink that has no sugar and no carbohydrates. While it doesn't necessarily claim to be healthy, 5 Hour Energy shots are trying to compete with coffee, tea and all the other sugary energy drinks like Red Bull and Monster. They seem to be doing pretty well, considering they have numerous commercials on television and a stand of energy shots in just about every convenience store. However, it is important to know what types of side effects may occur from drinking 5 Hour Energy drinks or drinking to many of them.

  1. Niacin Flush. This common 5 Hour Energy side effect occurs through a rash on skin, that is caused by the bulging of capillaries. It can make the surface of your skin look a bit strange to people if you get it.
  2. The Itch. Another 5 Hour Energy side effect involves an itch which many people get, often on this rash on the skin. This is due to the skin moving as the capillaries widen, which creates the rash and subsequent itching. However, this itch isn't all bad, as it's usually caused by toxins exiting your body through the skin, as your blood pumps them out due to the rush of vitamin B the 5 Hour Energy has just added to your system.
  3. Overdose of Vitamin B. There is also a chance that 5 Hour Energy side effects can cause an overdose of Vitamin B, which can lead to toxicity or paralysis in some people. However, you would literally have to drink 5 or 6 Five Hour Energy drinks in less then 5 hours to feel these effects.
  4. Other Side Effects. Other 5 Hour Energy side effects include things like vomiting, diarrhea, and dizziness, but this is often due to people being tired or eating on an empty stomach as well. Some people are also more sensitive to this large infusion of vitamins into their bodies then others, so it is important for people to know their bodies before taking 5 Hour Energy shots.
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