5 Ideal Places In Toronto For Dates

Choosing a location for a date is a nerve-wracking experience, so before you dab on the cologne, take time to check out the top five ideal places in Toronto for dates. Choosing a venue is crucial if you want to get that elusive kiss at the door or even an invitation upstairs to continue the evening. If you live in Toronto, you have a world of unusual and romantic dating opportunities at your disposal. Whether you're on your first date with the coffee shop hottie or you are enjoying a night out with your long-term significant other, make the evening memorable by choosing an unforgettable location.

  1. Toronto Zoo. With kilometers of walking trails, the Toronto Zoo is the perfect place for a low-key meander and good conversation. Want to show your date the world? While it is not entirely possible to take a tour of the whole earth on a single date, the animals living at the Toronto Zoo are from seven different continents. Journeying through the jungle and tundra together may be the closest option for world travel on a small budget. Going to the zoo, the wildest place for dates in Toronto, is a perfect choice for an unforgettable date. Somewhere between watching polar bears paddling underwater and petting sharks, your date might just look over and discover another animal she likes.
  2. Toronto Island Park. What's surrounded by water, was once thought to have magical healing powers, and is the perfect place to take a date in Toronto? If you guessed the Toronto Islands, pat yourself on the back. The second of our top five ideal places in Toronto for dates is absolutely beautiful and one of the most overlooked spots for dating in Toronto. Ward's Island is one of the most popular destinations within the park. The picnic park boasts scenic walking and biking trails, great for people looking for a more active date. There are twenty-one picnic areas and fire pits can be rented for a fee. Ward's Island has several restaurants, an amusement park, wading pools, gardens, two volleyball courts, a beach and a disc golf course. Hanlan's Point is another destination in the islands. The park is the former site of Babe Ruth's first home run. Bicycle rentals, tennis courts, softball diamonds, beaches, volleyball courts and even a private island yacht club are all part of this fun destination.
  3. Allan Gardens. Looking for outright romance? To show her how beautiful you think she is, take her somewhere nearly as gorgeous. Allan Gardens is a conservatory featuring six greenhouses full of exquisite flowers and other exotic plants. The “Palm House,” built in 1910, is the hub of the gardens. Plants as diverse as bamboo, bananas and a towering screw pine decorate the cast-iron and glass-domed greenhouse. There are many sights which should not be missed on a date, including the waterwheel and the Cactus House. This date is particularly charming around the Christmas season, when a candlelight viewing of over 40 varieties of poinsettias opens. No matter the season, this is one of the best places in Toronto for dates.  
  4. Brew Up Some Interest. One of the most ideal places in Toronto for dates in terms of trendiness is a visit to a brewery. At a place like Steam Whistle Brewery, visitors pay $8 to sample free beers, tour the brewery and receive a free souvenir glass. Heralded as one of Toronto's top attractions, the brewery will provide a memorable experience without a big price tag.  
  5. Canada's Wonderland. Are you adventurous? Do you like the rush of the wind in your hair, that dropping feeling in the pit of your stomach, and the closeness that comes with experiencing a terrifying experience with your date? If so, Canada's Wonderland is one of the most ideal places in Toronto for dates. See the beautiful city together from 230 feet in the air on Canada's Wonderland's Drop Tower, just before you fall at over 100km/hr, screaming all the way. Home to both Canada's only flying coaster and the country's largest wooden roller coaster, Canada's Wonderland will delight the thrill-seeker in two like-minded individuals. And, you know, all of that adrenaline needs to go somewhere.  
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